Your college student's dorm room offers a unique opportunity to blend style and efficiency in a smaller space. Creative storage is a must, as are personal
details that reflect their style and make their new space feel like home.
Whether you're studying, sleeping or just lounging around, college students spend a lot of time in their dorm room. Make sure it's a comfortable place to be. Little accessories—like plush pillows, cozy rugs and soft blankets—can make a big difference. If you're going to bring your own chair, consider collapsible styles that can get out of the way when needed.
There's nothing like a fun pattern or a pop of personalization to liven up a space. The best part? These unique details can also help keep everyone's belongings straight.
Your dorm room is your new home — so make it a cozy space that reflects your style. Everything from essentials like bedding to accessories like wall decor can help you transform an ordinary dorm room into a place you love to be.
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