Your teen's room is her haven to sleep, study, hang out and get ready for the day. Work together to find two or three colors to serve as the base for the room's palette. Get creative with pattern, too — it will help bring the space to life.
A room is much more than a place to sleep. Give her room a hint of glam with personality-filled pillows and decorative throws. Touches of unexpected fabrics and prints will help transform her space into a place just for her.
Choose smartly designed furniture with storage features that maximize space or create additional room to lounge and relax. Accent furniture boosts the room's functionality, giving her not only a place to sleep, but also to get ready, study or just hang out.
Color plays an important role in defining the overall mood of a room. Clever combinations can bring a room to life — mix and match a variety of palettes, from whisper-light shades to bold hues that pop.
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