Maybaby by Meg DeAngelis

Our New BFF Maybaby

With over 4 million subscribers to her MayBaby YouTube channel, Meg DeAngelis aims to empower girls everywhere. We're partnering with her on this exclusive collection to bring her signature bright style, bold designs and optimism straight to you.

Explore the Collection

Now this is how you energize and empower your space! Explore our new MayBaby Collection, full of bold patterns and positive vibes - straight from your favorite vlogger. Come inside and get inspired by her adventurous, creative and inspirational designs.

MayBaby's Point of View

We're taking a cue from Meg and making - you guessed it! - new videos! Take a peek at our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and a brand new DIY how-to from our favorite ray of sunshine.

Our New BFF Maybaby