Diana Mini & Flash Lomography Black Camera

No longer available
  • Take great shots in all lighting conditions. Equipped with an F+ flash, this compact camera captures your favorite moments in both 35mm square or rectangular half-frame formats. Offering a world of colors and textures that most digital cameras can’t beat, this analog camera is easy to use and features both multiple and long exposures.

    • 4" wide x 2.75" deep x 2.25" high
    • Features a bright flash for use in both light and dark situations.
    • Shoots two film formats: square and rectangular half-frames.
    • Multiple-exposure functionality.
    • Features ‘B’ mode for long exposures.
    • Cable release attachment and tripod mount available.
    • Includes lens cap and neckstrap.
    • Requires 1 AA battery; not included.
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