Multi Purpose Radio + Solar-Powered Speakers

No longer available
  • Give your favorite playlist a solar charge while getting great sound. The sleek, lightweight speaker system and ergonomic radio have a built-in lithium ion battery that’s recharged by the sun, so you can charge your iPod or iPhone on the USB connections while you’re outdoors. A hand-held crank on the radio also allows you to generate enough power to charge just about anything.

    • 15" wide x 5.25" deep x 8" high
    • Features an iPhone/iPod dock, solar panel, and AC power cord.
    • Includes a padded shoulder strap and a built-in handle for increased portability.
    • Includes a remote control.
    • 6.25" wide x 2" deep x 6.75" high
    • Features a crank powered flashlight, radio, clock and alarm.
    • Includes a weather alert feature.
    • Includes space for 3 AAA batteries for back-up.
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