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Style Tile System

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The ultimate in wall organization keeps getting better. Keep track of your due dates, drawings, photos and more with our completely customizable style tile system.

  • Each Tile: 16" square, 1" thick.
  • Tiles are perfect on their own, or grouped to build a complete setup.
  • Choose from a variety of prints and functions
  • Magno Mount hanging design makes installation simple.
  • Patent pending.
  • Optional frame moldings come in three different sizes; each set includes two rails of the same length.
  • Two sets of frame moldings must be purchased to create a complete frame.
  • Sold individually.

Mix + match your favorite tiles to create your perfect set with our Design Your Own Style Tile Set Tool.

Need help hanging your Style Tiles? Watch our how-to video:
Style Tiles without Frame

Or print out our instructions to hang your set with or without a frame.

Dimensions + Care


  • Single Tile: 16" square, 1" thick
  • Fabric Tile Weight: 3 pounds
  • Dry-erase Tile / Calendar Tile Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Chalkboard Tile Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Pegboard Tile Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Corkboard Tile Weight: 4 pounds
  • Galvi-board / Dartboard Tile Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Mirror Tile Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Beauty Organizer Tile Weight: 5 pounds.
  • 48" Frame Moldings: 48" long x 2" wide x 3" thick
  • 32" Frame Moldings: 32" long x 2" wide x 3" thick
  • Weight (48" frame): 2.5 pounds
  • Weight (32" frame): 2 pounds


  • Four metal magnets are embedded in each tile.
  • Two metal magnets are embedded in each 32" frame rail.
  • Three metal magnets are embedded in each 48" frame rail.
  • Tiles are backed with engineered wood.
  • Beauty shelf extends 6" out from the wall.
  • Beauty tile features 3 metal-lined holes that are sized to hold a hair dryer, flat iron and other hair accessories, and a small shelf for makeup.
  • Speaker tile is compatitble with Compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Speaker tile includes an AC power adapter; no batteries required. 
Frame Molding Requirements
  • 2 x 2 Set: two 32" frame sets
  • 2 x 3 Set: one 32" and one 48" frame set
  • 3 x 3 Set: two 48" frame sets
Tiles Include:
  • Fabric-Covered tackboard includes 10 pushpins.
  • Dry-Erase Board includes 1 dry-erase pen and 1 eraser.
  • Chalkboard includes 5 pieces of chalk and 1 chalkboard eraser.
  • Pegboard includes 10 hooks.
  • Corkboard includes 10 pushpins.
  • Galvi-board includes 5 magnets.
  • Dartboard galvi-board includes 6 darts.
  • Basketball galvi-board includes 1 mini basketball, 1 hoop and 1 manual air pump.
  • Beauty organizer tile includes two shelves; one for holding small items, one with 3 metal-lined holes for storing a hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron.


  • Dust with a soft, dry cloth.
Shipping Info
Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. Delivery estimate includes monogrammed and gift-wrapped items.
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Chalkboard Clock

No longer available

Dark Pink Dry-Erase Board

No longer available

Pink Dottie Fabric-Covered Tackboard

No longer available

Gray Dottie Fabric-Covered Tackboard

No longer available

Seattle Plaid Fabric-Covered Tackboard

$35 Sale $13.99

Gray/White Plaid Fabric-Covered Tackboard

$35 Sale $14.99

Derby Stripe Blue Fabric-Covered Tackboard

$35 Sale $13.99

Newport Plaid Fabric-Covered Tackboard

No longer available

Palmer Plaid Fabric-Covered Tackboard

$35 Sale $13.99

Orange Derby Stripe Fabric-Covered Tackboard

$35 Sale $8.99

Ocean Floral Cool Fabric-Covered Tackboard

No longer available

Warm Meadow Floral Fabric-Covered Tackboard

No longer available

Cool Meadow Floral Fabric-Covered Tackboard

No longer available

Cool Little Plaid Fabric-Covered Tackboard

No longer available

Ocean Floral Warm Fabric-Covered Tackboard

$35 Sale $16.99

Pink Zigzag Fabric-Covered Tackboard (32x16)

$69 Sale $54.99

Surf Mobile Fabric-Covered Tackboard (32x16)

$69 Sale $47.99

Ombre Fabric-Covered Tackboard (32x16)

$69 Sale $47.99

Tiki Geo Fabric-Covered Tackboard

$35 Sale $24.99

Necklace & Ring Holder

No longer available

Williamsport Plaid Fabric-Covered Tackboard

$35 Sale $24.99