Bath Accessories

Bath Accessories

The right set of accessories can bring a lot of cool factor to your bathroom as well as make the morning routine go a lot smoother. Embellish a white on white bathroom with colorful and edgy pieces. Match your hairdryers and hampers with your towels, curtains and bath mats. Display coordinating tissue box covers, toothbrush holders and trash bins from the PBteen cool bathroom accessories collection while taking advantage of rolling bins and hanging shelves that create more storage space for your combs, brushes, shavers and more.

Pamper yourself with a home spa day, or just enjoy getting ready to go out every day with our personal beauty tools. Is it time for some foot pampering and a mani-pedi? You can soak your feet in one of our colorful spa style foot baths and then dry freshly painted fingernails and toenails with a nail dryer. Our hair care collection includes color coordinated hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons so you can achieve the hair style you want or experiment with new looks, the choice is yours.

Hanging shelves on the wall for storage is a way you can keep your quarters clean while adding a personal touch. Wall organizers free up counter space and give you a splash of color and interest on your bathroom walls at the same time. For your larger items like hairbrushes, hair styling tools, electric shavers and hair clippers, look for shelving pieces with deep cubbyholes you can tuck your things into to keep them neatly stored. For smaller items, like nail clippers, hair bands and polish, try a colorful shelf with small ledges to hold things in place and keep them handy. Over the door racks are a great space saver too.

Countertop storage pieces let you make the most of your available counter space, whether you have a lot of room or a smaller area. Our bathroom storage selections include cases and organizers that make the most of any small, flat surface in your bathroom. Sectional pieces with compartments are handy for storing hair care, skin care and even jewelry to keep clutter off your counter. Rolling storage carts give you the portability of having your stuff close at hand while getting ready then tucking them away till next time. And canvas catch-alls keep your gear in one spot or are a handy place to store clean towels and washcloths.

Having a place to put dirty things is just as important to the way your bathroom looks as organizing and decorative things are, and our laundry bags and hamper selections give the solution, plus look pretty cool in your bathroom. Laundry bags provide a place to toss dirty clothes and linens to keep them off the floor, and you can just pick up the bag and take it to the laundry room or Laundromat when laundry day arrives. You can even get bags for sorting light colors and dark colors as soon as you take them off to save time and effort when you are ready to do laundry. Our hampers also have handles for portability so you can carry them from room to room as needed.

A soft and fluffy robe draped over a hook or hanger in your bathroom makes you feel like your bathroom accessorizing is complete and all your needs are met. You can choose from robes that match your bathroom’s colors, plain robes you can share with your besties when your friends come over for a spa day or sleepover a couple extra for when the guys come by to enjoy the pool or work out and a monogrammed robe that is yours and yours alone to enjoy. Our classic robes are made for guys and girls and have roomy pockets plus a hood option if you like.