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Beauty Organizers

Beauty Organizers


Most women have more cosmetics and jewelry than they know what to do with, and since they use them frequently, tend to leave them scattered around their makeup tray or vanity with abandon. Not only does this make it difficult to find the perfect shade of lip gloss when you are in a hurry, but it can also lead to lost or broken items which can stain a white counter or carpet, such as red lipstick.


When thinking about an organization system for your beauty shelf, there are many options you should consider. It is best to think about your makeup and your accessories organizers separately, although it may make sense to combine them. Here are a few tips for improving your beauty products organization.


Cosmetics Organizer


It is best not to store your makeup palette, powder foundation, hair care creams, or other personal care products in a fabric covered compartment. A clear acrylic storage box makes for simple easy-to-clean organizer since you can quickly view all the contents at a glance. Ideally, find a small cabinet with a separate drawer for each type of cosmetic makeup that will fit comfortably on your bedroom or bathroom vanity. Acrylic cosmetic storage boxes come in many shapes and sizes so it will not be difficult to find one that takes up much less space on your nightstand. A 4-drawer unit should be sufficient to separate foundations, mascara, powders, and eye color palettes. For secure makeup on the go, place a lipstick holder or small cosmetic bag in your tote that will prevent the tubes from leaking all over the contents of the bag.


Jewelry Organizer


For some jewelry, such as small earrings and rings, a medium size box with a clear lid will also do the trick. Velvet or velour lining inside the box will prevent small items from sliding around and mixing too much. It is always best to hang dangly earrings and necklaces from a "tower" to avoid tangles. Make sure that your hanging jewelry tower has enough hooks to hold each piece on its own. It is well worth it to invest in, or make, a travel jewelry bag that will separate your different sets of earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces and ensure that they are in place when you arrive at your destination.


Drawer Organizers


Consider drawer organizers, whether one that sits atop a desk or one that is a stand from floor level. Drawer organizers will not only help you keep your beauty products organized, they will protect them from dust. For jewelry, this is particularly important. Keeping beauty products out of sight will also add to the seamless look of your space.


Once you have all your makeup and accessories arranged in the organizers above you'll wonder why it took you so long to do it!