Beauty Organizers

Beauty Organizers

At PBteen, we’ve put together a selection of makeup and toiletry organizers to help you create a spot where every item belongs. That way, your cosmetics, skin care, shaving and hair care products are ready and easy to find when you want to put your look together for the day or wash up for the night. Our collection of beauty organizers for girls and guys includes stationary pieces you mount on the wall, items you set on the counter or dresser, and cases like toiletry bags that are designed go along with you, making it convenient to freshen your look throughout the day or evening.

If you have enough wall space, a cabinet or shelf and mirror set is a way to turn your organizer into a lasting part of your room’s decor. Our wall mounted cabinets have your choice of mirrors on the inside for use when applying makeup or touching up your hair. Their exterior mirrors catch and reflect the light, creating a sense of openness and adding brightness to your room. If you prefer classically framed mirrors and shelves, many of our wall-mounted shelves have the added feature of front panels that let you tuck items in to prevent rolling, so your skin care and makeup containers won’t easily fall off.

If you are tight on wall space but really like the look of a hanging beauty organizer, we have suspended pieces that do not need to be mounted on your wall. An over-the-door rack with a mirror and shelves extends your storage space and increases your opportunities to keep your things organized. Or, for those items you prefer to store out of sight, add a jewelry organizer that hangs from your closet bar to your closet organizer system. This lets you maintain your privacy while staying organized, and it is good for things other than jewelry, like small containers of makeup, your watch and skin care products.

Pack up a gypsy-themed beauty case, jewelry roll or beauty box embellished with scroll work, flowers and wings. These organizers are great for a busy lifestyle as well as the perfect complement to a boho-chic room, complete with ruffled bed skirts and a canopy that drapes over a window seat. Take these portable cases along on a sleepover or any time you think you might need to refresh your makeup. We also offer portable cases that match our other teen decor items so you can move your personal grooming supplies from your bedroom to your bathroom or leave it in one room all the time.

Does your taste run along the simple, classically styled line? Our personalized classic white countertop organizers match up with our other monogrammed bath and bedroom items to create a unified theme. If all you want is a standalone piece, though, these compartmentalized units are a handy way to make the most of your available counter space or your dresser top. Some other sectional organizer styles we offer are mirrored or have retro stripes or colorful dots to match any room.

Take your beauty on the go, or rather your beauty and grooming products, when you pack our travel cases with your favorite items. Match a retro-style travel case in vibrant shades of teal or pink to your room, your robe or a favorite outfit and head out to enjoy a home spa session or sleepover and makeover night. Add some colorful sequin embellished animal shaped pouches to your makeup case collection, bring out the sparkle with vibrant sequins on rectangular zippered cosmetic pouches or keep your makeup and comb in a cozy faux fur clutch.