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Pinboards + Calendars

Pinboards & Calendars


If you find yourself amassing a collection of movie ticket stubs, invitations, and favorite photographs but have no place to display them? A cork pinboard is an excellent organizer for your keepsakes that you can style in an attractive design to hang on your room wall. You can also use this pinboard as a bulletin board or message board for exchanging notes with members of your household. Constructing your own is easy and fun. Below is a list of supplies and instructions for creating unique, functional boards to add to your home decor!


Pinboard Supplies


  • Roll of corkboard (available at craft stores)
  • Premium adhesive
  • Xacto knife
  • Leveler
  • Push pins (available in your favorite colors)
  • Fabric (white or black for a neat look, or go crazy with a wild print)
  • Nails
  • String or wire
  • Ribbon or other material for trim


Instructions for Creating your Custom Cork Pinboard


1. Measure the space on your wall where you would like the board to hang. Mark the four corners and use a leveler to ensure they are even.

2. Outline the edges of the board in pencil and then cut carefully along the lines.

3. Lay a cloth covering (linen is a good choice) across a flat surface lay the board across the cloth. Attach the cloth to the back of the board with strong adhesive. Let dry.

4. Attach wire or string to the board about halfway down the sides with small nails.

5. Flip the board over and apply trim or a wood frame to the edges.

6. Line the board up with the markings on the wall and carefully hammer two nails about one inch inside the side borders.

7. Hang the board securely on the wall.


Once the board is complete, continue the decor theme fun with decals, ribbon, stickers, glitter, anything that strikes your fancy. Get creative!


Finally, pin your keepsakes to the board using push pins and stand back to admire your work. Keep up with decorating your wall by adding other wall accessories around your new pinboard. Wall decals, mirrors, picture frames, and shelving are wonderful wall accents to further enhance your home decor. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box.