The decor you choose for your room says a lot about who you are. PBteen allows you to showcase your hobbies, passions and personality with our cool wall art collections, which include everything from framed works of art to decorative decals and even more practical (but still awesome) stuff like pinboards and clocks. You can mix and match different art pieces from our collections and combine it all with things you’ve made yourself, whether it’s an art class painting you’re particularly proud of or printed photos of your friends. There’s no wrong way to choose art for your room. Focus on what you like and think looks good together, and you’ll be sure to create a space you can’t wait to hang out in.

If you have a lot of blank space on your walls, consider going with one of our large murals. This is a kind of cool wall art that covers a much bigger area than your average poster or photograph, allowing you to make a big impact on your room‘s decor. Our murals are available in different colors and depict a variety of different scenes, from football and other sports and games to gorgeous mountain landscapes and tropical ocean views. At such as large size, our murals make your room feel like it’s in a whole different place, allowing you to escape to the mountains or dive into the ocean every time you walk through the door.

For a different kind of decor, you can opt for one of our wall monograms or combine other wall letters to spell out something that matters to you. This is a quick, simple way to personalize your space and make it feel more special. At this point in your life, your room is your sanctuary, and putting your name on the walls lets you show ownership over this much-needed personal space. Combine our letter wall and hanging decor with other elements from our decor collections to create a unique arrangement of art.

Our wall decals offer another category to consider when it comes to decorating your room with cool wall art. Our decals are available in several different styles, including monograms and calendars that allow you to keep track of your schedule. We also have wall decals in shapes like dots and diamonds that let you create your own wallpaper pattern effect on your walls, which is perfect if your parents don‘t want you to repaint your room or you‘re in a dorm or rented apartment for college.

While you‘re busy filling your walls with awesome art, don‘t forget the practical side of wall decor. We have a variety of different shelves and hooks that let you decorate and organize at the same time. Whether you‘re hanging up clothes and jewelry or showcasing your favorite toys and books, this part of our wall decor selection combines usefulness with decoration so you can make the most of your space. And our shelves and hooks are an extra good idea because most of them look cool on their own thanks to our decorative designs and fun colors.

To create a fun room that‘s decorated well without looking wild, pick art from design collections that match with the furniture and bedding you’ve picked out. Several of our furniture design collaborations, including those with legendary pro surfer Kelly Slater and designers Emily and Merritt, include wall art options that you can combine to make a good arrangement of decor for your room. But don‘t worry too much about matching things together. You can feel free to make your room look however you want it to so you can enjoy it as much as possible.