Canvas art brings an air of prestige and class to any room. Whether you're interested in purchasing prints or an original oil or acrylic painting was done by hand, the rich texture of canvas will distinguish this wall decor, and make it a focal point of your living room, bedroom, or hallway. Regardless if this piece is intended for personal or public viewing, taking the time to choose the right background will increase your enjoyment of the artwork. If you already have a unique fine art piece you wish to display in your home, the next step will be to choose a location that will provide the perfect backdrop to the image.


Finding the Perfect Home for Your Art


The colors and formatting of your art will influence the color of the wall that will best show it off. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect home for your unique piece of canvas art.


An abstract modern art piece that features a mosaic of bright colors and geometric patterns will look great against a non-white wall. If you already have an accent wall in the desired room, it may be the perfect background for this painting. If you are painting a white wall a different color to complement the artwork, choose a shade of one of the primary colors in the painting to ensure synchronicity. When in doubt, a soft blue or off-white shade will provide a neutral backdrop to almost any piece of canvas art.


Landscape, portrait, or another type of illustration will have details that you wish to make stand out against a neutral off-white colored wall. Similarly, metal or wood framed canvas art will stand out best against an off-white wall background.


To see what looks best, lay the painting or print down on a single panel of the color you are considering painting the wall before you buy a single can of paint or painting accessories.


One More Thing...


Don't forget to evaluate the lighting situation of the wall in question. Canvas art should not be placed in direct sunlight but make sure that the area will receive enough light for you and your guests to enjoy your new piece of wall decor. If necessary, install gallery lights on the ceiling or wall to highlight the piece.