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Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories


Nothing feels quite as good as starting the work day with a clean, organized desk space free of papers and other debris. If you haven't felt this feeling in a long time, it may be time to devote an hour or so to organizing your desk space. You'll be amazed at how much smoother your work day will flow once you know where all your office supplies are and your desktop is clear. Whether you work in a professional office or a home office, you will benefit from a little organization in your desk and storage space.


Below are some ideas for bringing a little more order and a little less mayhem to your day.


5 Tips for Organizing Desk Accessories


1. Take stock of the current situation of your accessories. While there are many office supply organizers available in stores and online, first you have to know what you are working with. There are a nearly limitless number of style and price range options when it comes to choosing a desk organizer or organizers.


2. Start a pen and pencil collection in a cute cup or mug. Point the nibs down to avoid a finger prick, and place it in arm's reach.


3. A paper tray with several layers of shelving will keep loose leaf documents in check. Label each shelf as needed for your work such as ‘Contracts’, ‘Research’, ‘Urgent’, etc. If you haven’t looked at a piece of paper in a week, make it a habit to file it away in a separate storage unit at the end of each week.


4. Supplies such as staplers, scissors, tape, and extra printer paper should be kept off your desktop and in a clear storage organizer against the wall so that they are easily accessible but do not get in the way of your daily tasks.


5. Back to school sales are the perfect time to get a great deal on stylish, modern desk accessories. If you already have enough of your own, remember that cute, functional desk accessories also make great gifts for coworkers!


How to liven your office to compliment your desk:


Find collections of artwork for your walls to serve as inspiration as you work. The best thing about a home office is that you can freely design it with whatever speaks to you; whether it's gold cup holders or a bamboo table.