Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry Storage

At PBteen, our jewelry storage collection includes a variety of girl’s jewelry boxes and plenty of jewelry cases that look great in a guy’s room, too. Protect your watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, as well as any other pieces of adornment you wear, in one of our convenient cases. Our collection includes pieces that give you choices between organizing your treasures out of sight, displaying your favorite baubles so they become part of your room’s decor and packing them neatly in pouches that fit in your purse or backpack for taking with you. Match your trinket storage to your lifestyle and the decor of your room or mix and match the different storage styles to get the advantages of each mode.

Add a slightly bohemian, playful touch to your room by displaying your jewelry on decorative stands and in charm trays in fun shapes like owls or western themed pieces like antlers, horseshoes and cowboy boots. Or, add beach themed, pup themed, or shimmery gold and silver trays to your bedroom or bath accessories. Our collection of stands feature bars for hanging bracelets, rings, watches and necklaces and holes for mounting pierced earrings. Some of our stands also feature storage space in the bases where you can stick small items in drawers or trays.

Did you know your favorite necklace can do more than dress up an outfit because you can use it to wake up a boring wall? Turn a plain area on your wall into a sparkling and artistic display by mounting an open jewelry rack and hanging your favorite necklaces, bracelets or watches on it. Our collection of wall racks for jewelry include monogrammed designs with bars and hooks, gold toned arrows and feathers, pieces that include shelves and a mirrored makeup cabinet, plus colorful hearts and glittery peace signs with hooks underneath.

For a little more privacy when it comes to your finest accessories, choose a chest style jewelry box that matches the decor in your room, or one with enclosed shelves and some drawers that seal tightly. In addition to providing you with more privacy, these styles are handy if you have pets, like a cat or a bird, that like to play with shiny or dangling objects. Organize your watches, pins and rings in these closed cases to keep your pets safe, your jewelry safe, and so your things will be easy to find and ready to wear when you want them.