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Tired of sifting through tangled necklaces and bracelets, or searching under the bed for a missing earring? Rather than waiting for jewelry elves to organize your accessories shelf for you, you can create your own beautiful, functional jewelry organizer at home as an easy DIY craft project. Before you begin, you will need to decide what kind of holder you need to make.


What Kind of Organizer Do You Need?


This depends on the type of baubles you own. If you own:


  • Lots of rings and bracelets, a chest containing several compartmentalized boxes will keep these items separate.
  • Small necklaces and bracelets are short enough that a stand on a shelf should suffice.
  • Dangling earrings and necklaces may require a hanging wall mount to prevent tangling. If you have limited wall space, consider an over-the-door hanger. Note that this may not be a good choice if you like to leave your door open much of the day.


Now that you have a good idea of what kind of holders you need (you may need more than one kind), here are a few ideas for what yours can look like:




A beautiful wood chest, small cabinet, or mini armoire with a glass lid for easy viewing and a black velvet lined interior will create a luxurious feel to your jewelry storage. These chests are wall mount or standing on the floor and can be narrow and tall or shorter. Look out for what meets your needs. There are mirrored wall mount jewelry organizers or mirrored floor organizers that swivel. They come in all types of beautiful wood to accent your space.


Shelf Stand


You can really get creative here, the only limit to your imagination is that the stand must have several hanging places for your baubles. Your shelf stand could be in the shape of a tree, a hand, or a flower, just to name a few. The material could be wood but a gold or silver colored metal provides a chic fashion look. Just make sure that the stand is high enough that your longest necklace does not hang low enough to brush the shelf.


Wall Mount


If you don't have many pieces, a row of hooks, similar to a coat rack, could do the trick. If you wish to hang several necklaces and pairs of earrings a piece of light cloth, such as linen, stretched over a wooden frame and secured to the wall will provide the ultimate storage space for your accessories. As a bonus touch, pin a favorite photo to the wall mount.


Options for all of these are available in any home goods store, but making them is quite easy and mush less expensive. You can find any and all supplies mentioned above at your local craft store in styles to suit any taste and budget.