Shelves + Hooks

Shelves + Hooks

Decorative wall shelves and hooks make a visual impact on a room, whether you are accessorizing your bedroom, bathroom or any space you want to call your own. They are eye catching for sure, but also functional because you can use them to display your favorite collections, books, trophies and your art work. Choose plain shelves that blend into the background to showcase your treasures, or go with vibrantly styled shelves that accentuate the theme of your room. Our collection of knobs and hooks come in vintage brass styles and colorful glass that blend with our other teen items for classy coordination. At PBteen, our selection of shelves and hooks includes designs to fit any decor scheme, from elegant to nautical to sporty, as well as many other themes like boho and rustic.

For twice the convenience, consider a classically styled basic shelf that does double duty with hooks or a bar below it for hanging garments or towels. Increase the positive energy in your room with shelves that spell out the word love or a swirly wicker peace-themed shelf. Then fill the letters with things you love and that bring peace to your busy life, like your favorite books, photos or trinkets. Bring the beach inside with shelves made from miniature split surfboards or boat oars, or hang your beach towels from surf-inspired hooks. When picking shelves and wall hooks, measure your available wall space and then check the dimensions of the piece you like to make sure it will fit on your wall. To make things easier on you, several of our shelves are offered in different sizes.

Are you a sports enthusiast? You can bring the ball field or court into your room with sports themed shelves. Display your trophies or sports gear on themed shelves, or choose hooks mounted on letters that spell out sports-themed words like homerun and touchdown. Football fans, display your items on a shelf marked out to resemble a football field, and hang your jersey or robe from the hooks mounted on the underside of the shelf. Lacrosse players can store gear on a decorative Lacrosse storage organizer that adds a touch of style to the wall while also organizing your gear.

Show your passion for traveling across the world with edgy shelves that have been crafted to resemble vintage style suitcases. Add an Eiffel tower hat and scarf rack that stands over 5' tall. These decorative travel-themed storage items are easy to maintain and require only a soft, dry cloth for cleaning.

Bring an extra touch of organization into your busy life with wall organizers that feature hooks for catching your keys, headphones or other small items. Add-ons like cork board let you tack notes about important events, numbers you need to keep track of and pictures of family members and friends where you can see them every day. A small cubbyhole and shelf let you store pencils, pens, small books and other small items you want to keep track of and have close at hand. Adhesive notes can be stuck to the smooth part of the wood, and you can match the color of your wall organizer to your dresser or wooden furniture.

To add an edgy, industrial look to your rustic style or vintage sports-themed room, look for an oversized metal industrial sculpture to use as shelving. Place your favorite collectibles on the flat parts and use magnets to stick pictures and notes to the art sculpture shelving piece. Complement the industrial look with wall decor like metal wall art or vintage-style road signs. A wire hat rack keeps your caps where you want them and a wire shelf unit with doors to resemble a locker makes sure your basketball stays put till you’re ready for the next game.