Tablet + Phone Accessories

Phone Accessories

Everyone that’s plugged in needs some phone accessories, and you’ll want to take advantage of those that are not only high quality and durable, but are also conversation pieces. From chargers and docks to speakers and holders, PBteen has all of the phone and tablet accessories you need to not only stay plugged in and social with all of your friends, but to also do it in style.

Most of your phone accessories are probably going to live in your bedroom, as you charge up phones and tablets overnight or right before you head out on a big date. It’s a fun idea to match your accessories with the existing decor in your bedroom. Opt for a group of MayBaby phone holders to keep your room bright and joyful at all times. Match the rainbow phone holder with any color or pattern of drapes or curtains, or the yellow smiley face phone holder with a bright area rug to keep the sunshine in. A pink watermelon holder is also an option for a fresh, fruity look. Made of 100 percent polycarbonate resin, these phone holders are durable and bright, so you can always keep track of your phone and keep it safe while doing so. Another option for a terrific in-room accessory is the Chill Out phone holders. Designed for the sports lover, choose the football holder if you’re an NFL fan, or the baseball if you’re particular for pinstripes. These polyresin hand-painted holders are not only stylish, but they keep your phone where you can see it and safely tucked inside of the holder.

When you have more than one item that you need to charge up, consider a charge card universal battery. This little handy device keeps you absolutely plugged in and charged up all of the time. With the ability to plug in your laptop, smartphone and tablet, this battery is also great when you’re on the go. Charge up your tablet easily in your locker during class, for a full charge right after the period is over. These handy battery packs come in a myriad of patterns, colors and styles so you are easily able to find one that suits all of your needs. Choose gray or green camo, or opt for something more bright and colorful, such as purple or pink. A powerbank is also a great idea to keep your items charged so they are always ready when you need them.

Take a look at our speakers as well. We offer plush animals and sports speakers for your room. These playful designs blend seamlessly with your decor, serving double duty as pillows, decorations and furry friends. Along with speakers and headphones, one of the most important things you need is a good, sturdy phone case. Choosing the right phone case goes well beyond durability – these days, you take your phone everywhere with you, and you want something that not only represents your personal style, but also keeps your devices safe from damage. Opt for wood grain for a classic look, or choose a case with interesting designs and colors, such as clocks, stripes and camp themes.

When it comes to choosing cases and covers, don’t forget tablet accessories as well. A tablet can really get damaged if it’s dropped or dinged, so you need a case that protects it from harm. Choose a matching tablet and smartphone case for a complete look, or mix and match for different electronics. It’s always a good idea to have a replacement charger cord set as well. Whether you need one for your car or just an extra one in your bedroom, it gives you peace of mind to have one on hand. Choose from different colors and styles, or opt for a personalized phone charger set that prominently and proudly displays your own monogrammed initials.