Wall Decals

Wall Decals

You just got your own bedroom and have a beautifully blank palette of wall space to decorate just the way you like. Or maybe you’ve moved into your dorm room and due to the small shared space you’re not quite sure how to make your side of the room your own. Perhaps you’re feeling like you’ve grown out of the bedroom style you loved as a kid and would like to upgrade to match your changing interests and style. At PBteen, we have the perfect decorating solution for you, especially when painting and wall papering are not options for sprucing up your space. Enter wall decals.

Wall decals are shapes, images and organization tools that stick to your wall – but also come right off when you want. They’re as easy to apply to your wall as putting a sticker on your notebook. Just peel and stick! And if you make a mistake or change your mind, no worries; they’re just as easy to remove and reposition too. Our wall decals won’t damage your wall, and because they’re made of 100 percent vinyl, they’ll keep their shape and won’t tear when you peel them off.

Ready to select the decals that’ll make your room look just the way you want it to? You’ve got lots of choices, from small individual pieces to large wall murals. For starters, consider a decal that really states the room belongs to you – or at least your side of it – with a monogram decal. In large letters as high as just over 3', display your initial in beautiful cursive script above your desk or in any open wall space. Girls and guys alike love their three-letter monogram displayed in two-tone shades, available in three color choices to suit different tastes. We also offer a large decal personalized with your monogram or name that’s specially designed to look like a regal headboard above your bed.

For some eclectic decorating that brings out your artistic side, consider our wall decals that look like stencils without the permanence of paints. We have polka dots in assorted colors, including gold and silver, as well as dragonflies and diamonds. If you’ve joined a sorority or fraternity, use our Greek alphabet wall decals to show your allegiance. And for athletes, sport your jersey number on your wall with removable numbers that are a large 2' tall.

Can’t make holes in your walls to hang your favorite framed photos of friends and family? No problem. Grab a few packs of our wall decals fashioned to look like vintage frames. Just put them on your wall and tape your photos inside, easily changing them up anytime you want to add new pictures. We also offer larger framing decals in geometric designs that you can use to frame your monogram, your own artwork or our wall of poetry decals.

When you’re ready to go bold with wall decals, choose our murals that are large enough to cover the better part of an entire wall, giving the effect of wallpaper that’s easy to apply and remove whenever you want. In sizes as large as 4.5' wide and 12' high, display your love for skateboarding, nature , music or basketball. While most of our decals come as one piece on a single sheet, these larger murals come to you as five easy-to-apply sheets of vinyl.

Wall decals are not only a great decorating solution, but they can also be functional too. Keep track of your busy schedule with a calendar wall schedule. These large 3x2' decals are used semester after semester with dry erase markers or chalk that simply erases when it’s time to change the month and add new events. Choose from a variety of calendar styles, including those featuring your favorite NFL© or MLB™ teams. Our functional wall decal selections also include dry erase message boards and door signs to keep track of your to-do list, jot down notes on the fly or provide a handy place for others to leave messages for you, especially when you stick it to the outside of your dorm room or bedroom door.