Wall Decals

Wall Decals


Vinyl wall decals are among the most versatile and cost-effective decorative accents on the market. Whether you are looking to create a permanent mural without the hassle of painting or switch the wall décor design up with the seasons, decals are an excellent solution to updating the decor in any room in the house. Although you can find stickers at a lower cost, it is wiser to invest in vinyl since it is more durable and easier to remove from a painted surface. Children will enjoy this foray into home decor decision-making, especially when they will benefit from the process.


Decorating Children's Rooms with Wall Decal Art


Kids love the bright colors and fun designs of wall murals, so they are an excellent choice for decorating their rooms from infancy through the teen years. Regardless of the base paint color of the walls, you can find beautiful designs that will become a focal point of the room. Boys and girls will love to help in this home decor project, so be sure to include their opinion in the family decision. Favorite designs include a giant tree with a vine winding around a branch, flower photo frames, animals, dots in various sizes and colors, and sports team logos. Designs as simple as scroll work around the corners and one focal piece in the center of the wall can be enough to create an artistic feel to the room.


The beautiful thing about decal wall art is that you can easily switch the design as the child grows and their preferences and hobbies change. One's imagination only limits the design. Decals are even appearing on baby registries now as new parents realize their practicality for creating a homey environment without a high cost.


Custom Monogram Decals


While there are countless graphic designs and styles of decal art available, you can also create a custom monogram decal for each child. A manufacturer such as Fathead Graphics makes it easy and fun to design fancy vinyl decal stickers that feature custom monograms that a personal touch to each child's room. A custom design could be their name, birthday, favorite sport, or an inspirational word, anything that allows them to put their unique stamp on the room. These designs can also be changed as the child grows and desires different decor for their room.