Dimensional Art


How do you like to decorate your room? Are you a fan of bright colors, or do you prefer neutrals? Do you like using photographs or abstract art? No what you like, chances are PBteen has the right wall decor to make your room look just as you want it to. Our wall decor collection includes a variety of unique items – from garlands and banners to sculptural shelves and clever cork boards – to help you create the right environment for your personal space. With our decor products, we can help make your room look dreamy and feel great to hang out in. All you need is a little imagination and some time to pick out what you like best.

Our selection of decor offers items that are a little bit different than standard framed wall art. While there is always room for that kind of decor, this category pushes things a bit further, giving you the opportunity to add dimension and texture to your walls so you can mix things up a bit for your room. We offer different wall sculptures and other dimensional pieces to add some depth and help you create a space that feels magical. For your walls, you can choose from canvas art, metal signs, themed shelving, magnetic and cork boards and art panels. For your shelves, you can choose small sculptures that serve a purpose, like coin banks and bookends.

Our wall decor pieces match well with many other kinds of decor so you can cover your walls with just about anything you want to. If you aren’t able to paint your walls or put up wall paper, we have you covered too. Don’t worry about blank spaces, you can fill them up with large and interesting wall decals that allow you to make a pattern on your wall that looks like wallpaper. When you combine different elements like decals with shelves, pictures and wall art, you can create a complete atmosphere of interesting decoration in your room that fits your style, looks awesome and makes your room feel extra special.

Even if you prefer a simple setup without a lot of decor in your room, we have a few styles of decoration that look great on their own and can make a big impact without adding too much clutter to your space. We have a lot of word and letter art, including some monograms and inspirational slogans that will make you feel great. Monograms offer a grown-up take on the name plaque idea that you probably loved when you were a kid; if you’re feeling ready to graduate to something a bit more sophisticated, a monogram is a great choice. Or choose word art that sends you positive messages each time you wake up, step into your room or are struggling with a complicated homework assignment – like “brave”, “happy”, “love” and “life is pretty amazing”.

We have plenty of practical decor options too, including style tile sets that let you add color and pattern to your walls while also providing a handy space to store things and keep your life organized. You can use your style tiles to keep track of your schedule, display pictures of your friends and keep your eye on your list of goals. Using your wall space can be a great way of feeling less stressed about everything you have to do, and we can help you devise a wall organization system that also looks cool.

No matter what your personal space at home looks like, whether you have a few rooms to use or just one, our wall decor is here to make it personal. Using our decor, you can create different areas within your bedroom to help make the space feel bigger, or your can create a specific kind of atmosphere to give you inspiration or a private oasis of relaxation.