Dimensional Art



There are many reasons why you may have decided that it is time to design your wall decor. Whether you are starting from scratch, a bare wall, or are redesigning an existing arrangement, dreaming up fresh concepts and getting creative with accents, colors, and accessories is an exciting process. With some paint and a few choice decorative objects, the only limit is your imagination!


Note: Don't take the wall clock for granted. Whether you are inside or outside, wall clocks are not only a fantastic source of wall decor, they are incredibly functional accessories to several spaces in the house. Below are some ideas for wall decor in some of the most popular areas in a house.




Give your kitchen a homey flair with cooking accessories such as antique pots and pans hanging from the wall or ceiling. Add twinkle lights to the background of the pots and pans to illuminate the accessories. Choose a warm paint shade for a kitchen wall such as pale yellow or ivory to provide a cozy backdrop for gastronomical adventures.




Vinyl decal wall decorations are hugely popular for decorating bedrooms thanks to their affordability and the ease with which you can change the design as the mood strikes. Change these out with the change in season, phase in life or randomly because these wall decorations are easily exchanged.


A sentimental or inspirational piece of fine art also takes a prominent place in many bedrooms. Whether you choose to display several small modern art prints or a gallery worthy oil or acrylic piece masterpiece, minimize the rest of the wall decorations around it to give it prominence.




Liven up a dull bathroom wall with decals in fun water-themed prints, a unique hanging rack for laundry or a fun canvas art print. Consider the mirror as well. Swap a dull square mirror for one with vanity light bulbs or an unexpected geometric shape. Are there many doors in the same area of your home? Put decals on the doors to differentiate which door goes to the bathroom, versus bedroom, versus linen closet.



Outdoor decor usually focuses on taking advantage of its natural environment. A hanging plant, gardening tool display, shelves displaying small statues, colored glass mosaic, even a wall clock, can all incorporate aspects of the great outdoors into their design. There are many examples of all of these items at your local home improvement or gardening store.