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Backpacks + Rolling Backpacks


Back-to-school can be a stressful time for everyone. Parents may be overjoyed at the thought of their teens going back to school for some much-needed alone time, while teenagers may look at the upcoming school year with chagrin. No matter the case, it’s always ideal to be organized from the get-go as the school year begins. Choose from a wide variety of different types of backpacks to start your teens off right as they head back to school.

First, it’s especially important to determine your teen’s sense of style, especially if you’re purchasing the backpack as a back-to-school gift. A backpack makes a statement, and similarly to lunch bags, it’s something your son or daughter will be carrying every day, so look for something they truly enjoy. Teens interested in animals may enjoy a panda-shaped or koala-shaped backpack, while more sporty teens may appreciate a solid or striped look, dressed in their favorite colors. If your child wears a lot of muted, warm colors like gray or beige, look for a backpack that perhaps contrasts this notion and adds a splash of color. Bright blue or splashy pink is a novel idea. If your teen won’t appreciate vivid color tones, opt for a striped, prep-school design that wears well with any color scheme.

Also, give some thought as to what your teen will be using his backpack for. If it’s his senior year and he is attending only a handful of classes, he won’t be needing many study accessories, and therefore won’t need an expansive backpack. Teen backpacks don’t necessarily have to be extra-large in order to get the job done, so perhaps elect for a small bag that your teen will enjoy carrying. Alternatively, if you have a teen with many after-school activities, such as sports, he may need a backpack that can handle many items. Sometimes, a gym bag just isn’t enough. Teens may need to carry a separate laptop or computer bag, gym bag and backpack to ensure that they have all of their necessary items. Large, oversized backpacks are a terrific idea for teens that need to carry many items with them throughout the day. Similar to luggage but of a smaller size, rolling backpacks work well for teens that have books, accessories and other necessities. Available from PBteen in a number of styles ranging from camo to tie-dye themes, a rolling backpack helps to solve the organization problem.

Now that you have settled on the type of backpack to get for your teen, it’s time to decide on what to fill it with. Back-to-school shopping involves far more than backpacks. Teens with a fair amount of classes may like to use a homework organizer or folder organizer to help keep things neat and organized within their backpacks. Look for a homework helper with a matching cover so that all of your teen’s accessories match. Similarly, girls also appreciate a cosmetic bag in the same design or color as their main bag. Locker accessories are also a must-have item for every teen. Staying organized beyond the backpack is ideal. Opt for dry-erase planners and hangings so that teens can keep all of their events organized. In addition, many locker accessories also match up with backpacks and other bags. You may also mix and match collections to create an urban or preppy look. For example, the Northfield Collection gives you access to many popular styles and trends that are currently popular with teens.