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Help teach your teen the value of organization and of money with an easy-to-use, efficient wallet that holds all of his important belongings. A wallet is something used nearly every day, so think out of the box and look for styles and designs that your teen will really enjoy. With everything from polka dots to camo to plain colors, designer wallets from PBteen help your teen organize their ID, money, cards and other small belongings all in one place.

While a wallet is an everyday item, it’s also a great one to purchase when you’re doing the yearly back-to-school shopping. After a summer of lounging around at the beach it’s time to get organized again for fall. Wallets and other organizational items are an integral part of what teens need as they head to back to school. Other organizational items that kids always need for the fall include study accessories and aids, pencil cases and homework holders. In this digital age, teens also need laptops or messenger bags for their computers and tablet covers for their iPad or tablet.

Teens who like to coordinate can match not only their wallet and their pencil case and backpack, but can find all of their accessories in the same eye-catching design. It doesn’t take hours of searching through Web pages to find similar designs. Simply use the handy Gear Guide Tool to match nearly everything this fall for back to school. Teens that want to mix it up a little bit and don’t want absolutely everything to match are able to shop by popular collections on the site. For example, the Gear-Up Collection offers a selection of many types of luggage, backpacks, back-to-school accessories and necessities that all have similar designs. Other popular collections include the Northfield Collection and the Jet-Set Collection, among others. This gives teens a bit of a chance to explore contrasting colors and styles for their back-to-school accessory look.

Keep in mind that nearly every item, including wallets, can be personalized and monogrammed with either initials, the name of your teen or a specific phrase that is near and dear to his heart. Common personalization on wallets includes the student's initials, or the abbreviated name of his school. Not only does this add an eclectic style to the wallet, in case for some reason it is lost, it is much easier to identify with such bold, bright characteristics.