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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Whether you are lucky enough to have your own bathroom space or share one with mom, dad or siblings, having the right type of bathroom accessories is a must to get you up and going and in a bright, cheerful mood to start your day. From mirrors to organizers, having everything exactly where you need it and in the colors and styles you like definitely helps you start off on the right foot every morning. Choose from a wide array of accessories from PBteen, in a myriad of colors from bright to muted, to find the items that suit your personal tastes.

Just as important as a shower caddy to keep everything organized is a group of bath accessories to keep your toothbrush, tissues and other items neatly and securely in place for your morning routine. Choose a set that ideally matches the existing decor of the bathroom, perhaps in punchy colors such as bright teal or pink. Mix and match the items that you need to customize your own bathroom, as each item is sold individually within the bath set. For a complete set, opt for the matching tumbler, lotion or soap dispenser, tissue holder, toothbrush holder and trash bin all together. You are also able to select the same style, such as polka dots, and mix and match with different colors to change things up. Match bath accessories with other items in the room, such as the shower curtain, for a complete look. In addition to polka dots, bath sets are also available in different colors and styles for a more refined, classic look. Guys and girls alike will appreciate toothbrush tumblers and tissue box holders in solid black striped with navy or red. Chevrons, hearts and other cool patterns are also up for the choosing.

When you’re getting ready in the morning, sometimes the medicine cabinet mirror isn’t quite at the right level or magnified enough when you’re trying to shave or get your makeup on. Add a cosmetic mirror that you can either hold in your hand or one with an included stand to set on the bathroom counter. A good mirror to opt for has magnification properties as well as lighting, so you can see everything close up. If there’s not room in your bathroom for a cosmetic mirror with a stand, opt for a handheld one, such as a gold cat-shaped mirror by Emily & Meritt. Light-up beauty mirrors with stands also come in several different colors, such as teal, pink and gold, so you are able to easily match them with bath mats or other in-room accessories.

Organization is always key when it comes to rushed, hectic mornings, and knowing where all of your stuff is can really make things go smoothly. Look for different types of beauty organizers that you can either store in your bathroom or on your dresser top. A manicure/pedicure case helps you keep all the items you need for a quick touch up in one place, while an actual nail polish stand helps you select a color quickly and easily. If there’s not enough room in your bathroom for larger organizers, opt for smaller cosmetic and manicure bags to keep items secure and easily at hand. Not only do these bags work well in your own bathroom, they’re easy to grab and use for travel as well. For a great space saver with a double function, hang a wall mirror with included shelves to not only help you get your beauty routine on, but also to add helpful storage to your bathroom. For jewelry, also consider a helpful jewelry tray and hanging jewelry holder that work well set up right next to your new wall mirror. Personalization is also available on some of the organizers, truly making them yours.