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You're a guy and for the moment, you have one space all to your own. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and you want your personality to spread from corner to corner. What better way to do that than to decorate your room? Even though it might be hard for guys to decorate, most know what they're style is, what they like, and what they don't like. You don't have to be an interior designer or do anything outside your comfort zone to create the perfect space. Below is everything you need to know for inspiration to build your private domain.


When you know you'll be in the same space for the next ten plus years, it's wise to be conservative with the foundation; such as the paint you decide to use on your walls, changing the flooring, etc. So the best way to spruce up a bedroom without making permanent changes is by starting with a new bedspread. An excellent duvet or bedspread is a great way to spark ideas for everything else: accessories, throws, and wall decorations.


Most college dorms come with standard twin or full-size beds, which is more than likely your bed size now. Plan ahead by keeping an eye out for decoration ideas. New blankets, sheets, and a throw pillow or two is a great start for your dorm. New bedding could also spur the purchase for mattresses and beds that fit your style. Pay attention to things you find cool like magazine ads, pieces online, or a friend's new decor for inspiration.


After you find your foundation bedding, begin to build upon that. If the pattern is loud and bright (Chevron is quite popular now) it will balance well with soft, cozy fabrics to layer on top. A warm flannel for cold nights; or a neutral, microfiber blanket as a subtle touch can add what you need to battle the weather. Sometimes, old school bedding can not only solve the needs posed by your environment but also add the style you are looking for to fit into your motif.


If your preference is more of an original print, let your personality inspire the rest of the room. If you're an outdoor person, pick a canopy to feel to revisit your camping trips. Get creative and place vines and leaves around the windows. You can also use colorful sheets with a pattern, stripe or Jojo Designs to give basic bedspreads a pop of personality.


Stick to the basics when investing in anything you'll use longer than five years. With everything else, let your originality roam free by creating your zone.