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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags


So you have a big camping trip coming up and need your own sleeping bag. The many different sleeping bag options can feel daunting - how do you know which one to choose? Here are some tips to get you excited about, not only the adventure of camping, but the adventure of picking out your very own sleeping bag.




What kind of trip are you going on? Are you stuffing sleeping bags in backpacks and carrying them up a mountain, or driving to your destination, with a car nearby the camp? A heavy sleeping bag is an excellent choice for cold weather, but you want to be conscious of the weight. If you're carrying them for sport, practice ultralight backpacking. You'll thank yourself later.


Don't just consider the weight here, remember the bulk. Some great quality sleeping bags are bulky and a real challenge to fit in a backpack. If you're expecting cold climate, this is where you'll have to weigh your options. Just know whatever you want to take, you'll be carrying it for long periods of time.


Size and Weather


Know your height and weight, and leave room for that growth spurt. What's the temperature like on your trip? Are you going to an indoor slumber party? Or are you a serious camper who enjoys testing the elements? In this case, extra insulation for the cold, with outdoor pillows are helpful for an overnight trip. Some sleeping bags come with a protective, matching pillow case. In addition to your bags, packs should be weather resistant, so your stuff stays nice and dry. Always check the weather ahead of time, and be prepared for the best and the worst.


Style and Care


Bags aren't just regular colors anymore, and you really can have it all. If you enjoy sports, look for athletic brands you love. Synthetic is a good way to go, and there is a good degree of colors and patterns. Express yourself with your sleeping bag by making it unique to you. There are tons of textures and levels of softness. Again, consider the weather in addition to what looks cool.


Most sleeping bags are machine washable on the gentle cycle, with cold water. Always double check before you purchase, you'll want to be able to launder them yourself. Before you put your sleeping bag in the washing machine, be sure to shake out anything that might be hiding in your bag, like small rocks or pine needles. You just never know what you'll attract, and you want to be kind to your mom's washing machine.