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Personalized Bedding


You're an original boy and your bedroom should mirror that. A room has the ability to reflect personality and style. Since your bed is the foundation of a room, it all starts with the right bedding. Here are some tips and tricks to help you create a custom bedding experience, whether it's a one of a kind or not.


1) Do you prefer a duvet, layers of blankets and covers, or a classic comforter? You can customize your bedding without getting something custom made by selecting each piece carefully - starting with your bedspread.


2) Keep in mind, if you fall in love with queen size bedding for your twin size bed, you certainly have the option of getting things resized. If you're not sure you're willing to do that, leave it behind. You can use that piece as inspiration as you continue your search. It's important to find something that speaks to your style, that's also the right size. Buying custom bedding that doesn't fit perfectly defeats the whole purpose.


3) A monogram pillow is a lovely gift for family and friends, or a nice custom touch to go with your personal collection.


4) Choose the right mattress for your personal needs. Instead of buying something because it's popular, take the time to discover the perfect amount of cushion your body likes and go with that. The same goes with pillows. Whether you're shopping for a designer mattress, or a mattress topper for a dorm, you want to try various options before you purchase.


5) Make sure each pillow not only goes with your accessories, but feels like you. Do you like to keep things the same? Get 3 of the same accent pillows. Is your life a collage? Carefully select various colors, fabrics and designs for each pillow to be placed with your bedsheets.


6) One of the more bold accessories is a throw. Find something that contrasts with your bedding in a unique way. Don't just consider color, look at textures, size, and something to bring out a design in your bed sheets.


7) Bed sheets do not have to come with your bedding set or match duvets. You can have a ball with busy patterns, and change them out when you grow tired of them. Play with contrasting fabrics, like a nice full cotton comforter paired with linen sheets.


Once your have your bedding down to a science, it will create a domino effect toward your home decor. Piece by piece you'll begin to find custom accessories that fit. Enjoy the process and don't feel rushed. Your decor can change with your mood, which for most of us, is ever-changing.