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Boys' Pillows


Looking for a quick way to add personality to your bedding? A pillow is a perfect start to getting the creative juices flowing. This creates a domino effect that invites more accessories and design to your room. Don't worry, you don't have to be a master decorator, you just have to have an opinion. Here are some trendy ways to give your bed some life with a pillow or two.


1) If your bed feels flat and bland, start with a decorative pillow sham or two with a bright pattern. This creates an invitation to incorporate more color and design onto your bedding. It's a good idea to use layers, so don't be shy. Pile on various shapes and sizes and see what works. They don't have to match perfectly, so really go for it.


2) Your decor doesn't have to be the standard blue, red and yellow. Add a little personality in subtle ways using a collection of textures and weaves, with a pillow or throw to support the overall design.


3) If you have a favorite cartoon character or sports team, incorporate a pillow or throw on the bed that's a tribute to that, with accent pillows and accessories in that color scheme.


4) Your room is an extension of yourself, and you want to express that every chance you gets. Ask your parents for the power to choose how you decorate your room with the pillows that speak to your personality.


5) If you have beds with bright colors and throws, try a pillow or pillow cover that tones things down. Choose a neutral option with softer fabrics for balance.


6) Monogram pillows are a great way to make kids feel independent. If you have siblings who like to share, this will help you claim ownership with a monogram label on your personal pillow.


7) Look at the pillow and throw sets. If you're going for a big impact - to make the bedding feel softer or louder - a pillow with a matching throw will drown out whatever you're trying to counter. Don't cover things up, just tone them down.


8) A pillowcase by itself has a lot to offer. It's one of the basics but can instantly transform an old pillow into a new one, also supporting your desired bedding design.


9) A lot of places offer free shipping on larger orders, so take advantage. If you're shopping online, see what's popular, read reviews, and try to purchase your pieces at once for the free shipping offer.


10) Remember, your pillow choice doesn't have to be the perfect match. Kids, like you, like to play, and you can't make a mistake with blankets or a throw.