If you want to give your kid a comfortable place to sit that’s as fun as it is functional, you don’t need to go the traditional route with formal armchairs and staid sofas. Instead, consider using floor space to give your kid’s lounge a more relaxed, youthful feel. Bean bag chairs are a classic seating choice for teens, lending a casual feel to any room. They’re a great choice for any home too, including those that don’t have a lot of extra square footage for kids to make their own. A bean bag chair can help transform a lonely, unused corner into a special space for your teen to read, work, chat with friends or play video games. PBteen’s floor seating offerings are far from the droopy, old-fashioned beanbags of yesteryear. Made of high-quality materials with careful construction and a plush structure, our bean bag chairs balance a casual approach with polished, sophisticated style. Pair our comfortable, modern bean bag chairs with our gaming chairs for a stylish and on-trend seating solution that’s perfect for your kid.

We offer plenty of beanbag varieties to choose from, meaning you can find something for even the pickiest kid on your list. Crafted with our signature style, you’ll be able to mix and match these squashy, cushiony floor chairs with other items on our site to create a cohesive room decor scheme that suits your teen’s unique personality and tastes. Whether you’re looking for something refined and traditional or a funky, unique piece to add a little dash of interest, we’ve got you covered. Pair with one of our rugs to tie the room together and make the floor space a bit more comfortable.

Offering excellent quality at a practical price point, our bean bag chair offerings are a cut above your average floor seating options. Filled with up to 10 percent recycled polystyrene beads and often covered with zippered, washable slipcovers, these beanbags make a good gift for an environmentally conscious kid who’s concerned about making his things last. The inserts and slipcovers are sold separately, so you can pick up a few extra slipcovers for mixing and matching. To take your gift to the next level, add personalized embroidery to one of our customizable bean bags.

From faux fur to colorful prints and subdued solid colors, our bean bags have timeless style elements that will make them age along with your teen. You can pair these comfy, relaxed chairs with some of our decor items to help make a youthful space that makes it clear that adults aren’t entirely welcome without the express permission of the kid in charge. By pairing with the right decor, you can make your teen’s bean bag chair the perfect place to relax at the end of a long day at school or create a social space where friends will love to gather. Our decorative string lights and wall lamps, for example, are a perfect companion for beanbags, adding mood lighting and ambience to the area.

Though they’re usually associated with fun and frivolity, our bean bag chairs have a functional element as well. Comfy and sturdy, these poufy chairs are a great place to curl up with a good book and a blanket on a rainy day. Your kid may even want to use a bean bag chair in his study area to help facilitate a more relaxed body position while reviewing class material for tests or completing homework. When paired with one of our sturdy lap desks, our bean bag chairs become a laid-back desk-and-chair combo that will bring a sense of relaxation to even the most tedious task.