Bookcases + Shelves

Bookcases + Shelves

With all their different classes and other in-school and extracurricular responsibilities, it can be tough for a teen to stay organized. They’ve got their lockers at school, but it’s a good idea to give them some convenient storage at home too. PBteen has a wide variety of bookcases and shelving systems that will help your kid stay organized. You can purchase a pre-configured shelving system or mix and match pieces to create the right configuration that works best for your needs. From clean, simple modern designs to shelves with a more traditional flair, our bookshelves and wall shelves will be right at home in your teen’s bedroom or lounge area. From school books and papers to magazines, decor and various odds and ends, our bookcases and shelves can hold it all. We can’t promise a complete introduction of order to the chaos of your average teenage bedroom, but we can at least help you and your kid make a step in the right direction.

If your kid has a lot of stuff to contend with, add some of our storage bins and baskets to your shelving system for an extra level of organization. These are handy for storing everything from extra clothes and accessories to art supplies and tech equipment. Adding some baskets will help give the shelving extra polish, and we’ve got plenty of options that coordinate well with our bedding and room decor collections. You can mix and match different colors and patterns or stick with a single cohesive theme. Either option will work well with our bookshelves and wall shelves, which are available in neutral colors such as white and dark espresso.

In addition to providing a practical storage element, our bookcases and shelves allow teens to display the things that matter most to them, from pictures of friends to treasured jewelry and other mementoes and keepsakes. You’ll be giving your kid the opportunity to display his priorities in a way that says something about who he is. A bookish kid may choose to line his favorite books up on a prominent shelf, while an athlete may choose to arrange her trophies and medals at eye level. And thanks to the quality of our furniture pieces, these bookshelves can be part of your kids’ furniture collections for years to come, accompanying them to college or a first apartment with ease.

Our shelves and bookcases also provide a handy place for storing smartphone and tablet accessories, which are a big part of most kids’ lives these days. We offer a variety of different mobile tech accessories that are attractive enough to display, adding yet another element of convenience and organization to your teen’s room. Our teen bookshelf options can also work well as entertainment centers that pair with a wall-mounted or self-supporting flatscreen TV, providing a complete combination of wall decor, organization and tech display for a bedroom, lounge area or study. You’ll be able to give your kid a full living room setup without sacrificing style and quality.

If floor space is at a premium, you can pair one of our shorter bookshelves or cube storage units with our Style Tile bulletin board systems. These mix-and-match wall storage and decor units provide surfaces such as cork board and chalk or dry-erase boards to allow for an additional element of organization and responsibility. It’s easy to create a complete storage and organization system by combining our bookshelves and wall shelves with Style Tiles and other clever solutions for your teen’s room or suite. Don’t let labels limit your creativity and ingenuity. Even our closet organization products may provide some good solutions for taming the beast that is a teenager’s personal living space.