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By the time they reach their teen years, most kids have plenty of experience sitting at desks thanks to the boring old square numbers that still fill most classrooms. Schools may not have the space and resources to do much better than a utilitarian work surface, but that isn’t necessarily the case at home. Give your kid an at-home study sanctuary with our help. PBteen offers a variety of different study furniture options, from small computer desks to large, study tables that can accommodate multiple kids. We also offer teen-friendly desk chairs with a fun, stylish edge. Far from your average office chair, these study chairs use innovative design to balance form and function in a way that’s perfect for a playful kid’s room.

Our study furniture not only provides your kids a place to work and stay organized but also a private place to make big decisions that will impact the course of their young lives. When the time comes for college applications and other future-planning activities to become a priority, organization becomes more important than ever. Our desk accessories can help keep important papers together and organized so your teens will meet the necessary deadlines without missing a beat. It’s good practice for them when they leave the nest and have to manage their own affairs. You can help get them on the right path by providing functional tools that are also fun to look at, which will hopefully make the boring adult tasks they’ve got to start handling seem a little more tolerable.

You can help make the space more inviting by adding some decorations to the study area. Pick up some of our whimsical wall art or one of our amusing table lamps for some added interest. Adding other decorative elements such as rugs and a set of curtains will help make the space more appealing as well. Even if you’ve got a little overachiever on your hands, the extra effort to set up a welcoming space will be much appreciated. If you’ve got more than one kid who will be sharing the space, you can configure a small desk with some floor seating to give everyone their own territory while working in the same area. Pile up a few bean bags and add a lap desk to the mix to provide a comfortable work surface on the ground level.

Don’t forget that storage for larger items is an important component of a study area as well. We offer bookshelves and wall shelving that coordinates or matches with our teen furniture collections. Though many of our desks offer hutches with room to store books, if your teen is the bookish type, an extra bookshelf will be a good way to keep everything organized. You can add an extra level of organization by making use of the wall space, too, and not just with shelving. Our Style Tiles offer a unusual way to stay organized and look good while doing it. You can mix and match a system that suits a specific set of needs, from displaying important information and keeping a visible schedule to showcasing treasured photographs and other decorative elements.

An at-home desk can also be an important staging area for keeping school supplies organized and ready to go. Use some of our storage accessories to help round out the utility of the study area, giving your kid a place to stash her backpack and stow homework holders on weekends and during extended school holidays. Even if studying isn’t actively taking place, our computer desks and study tables will provide a useful place for your kid to work, play and stay organized.