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Dressers + Armoires

Dressers + Armoires

With their ever-expanding wardrobe and fresh kicks, teens need as much storage space as possible. From socks and jeans to sheets and towels, our dressers and armoires are built to store it all, with ample drawer space and a variety of configurations so that you find the option that works best for the space available in your teen’s room. PBteen carries a varied range of wide dressers, chests, armoires and clothing racks to help you build the storage space of your teen's dreams.

Hang a mirror above one of our dressers. These low, wide pieces have numerous drawers and they leave ample exposed wall space. Taller and narrower than dressers, chests have a stack of drawers. Armoires are similar to mobile closets, with handy doors that let you tuck your clothing out of sight, keeping the room neat and orderly.

Coordinate the teen dresser or armoire with your teen’s other bedroom furniture or use it as an accent to give the room a pop of color. Our selection of dressers and armoires come in many different styles and finishes, making it easy to find the one that you and your teen can agree upon.

Before you buy one of our pieces, we suggest that you consider several factors. Most importantly, measure your teen’s room and pay close attention to the height of any areas where you plan to place one our dressers or chests to avoid interfering with artwork or windows. This is particularly important if you’re buying an armoire or a chest, which stand taller than our typically waist-high dressers. Similarly, measure the width of the space to be sure the closet doors and bedroom doors will swing freely, especially if you are considering one our extra-wide dressers.

Once you have a feel for the available space, talk to your teen about the amount of storage that is needed. Our dressers are wide and they offer ample space for displaying decorative items, lamps, trophies and other items on top in addition to storing clothing and other essentials in the drawers. Our chests are taller than they are wide, which makes them ideal for smaller rooms that need to maximize floor space. Although our chests also offer a nice amount of storage, they don’t hold quite as much as our dressers and extra-wide dressers.

We craft our dressers and armoires from a variety of materials, with options that include solid wood and metal. Choose a finish to complement your teen’s bedding and other decor for a look that pulls the whole room together in a fun, funky or sophisticated way. To help make your quest easier, we offer our dressers in many different finishes, including our exclusive PBteen white and a range of wood tones. In addition to designing our dressers with your teen’s style in mind, we also design our dressers and armoires to be sturdy and durable enough to last through the teenage years and into adulthood, making this a sensible investment for you and your teen. Unlike that trendy beanbag chair these pieces are classic enough to outlast the trends.

Lastly, you need to consider the style of the dresser and how it works with the rest of the room. Armoires typically feature a traditional style, with elegant lines and slightly more elaborate designs. Many of our dressers, armoires and chests feature contemporary lines, with smooth silhouettes, simple adornments and neutral tones. To add a pop of color or visual interest, your teen could swap our neutral knobs for more colorful options that enhance the look of the dresser, chest or armoire.