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Personalization takes your teen’s bedroom decor to a new level. PBteen offers personalization for many of our beanbags and chairs. Choose from several different fonts and thread colors to create a crisp design that your teen will surely love. We let you enter up to nine characters to add a monogram, name or special message. We make it easy to add personalization with our simple to follow menu that lets you input your text and choose your font and colors before previewing it on the item.

Like the rest of our beanbags, our personalized beanbags come filled with lightweight polystyrene beads that shift and mold to your body to create a cozy, comfy spot to sit and relax. Our beanbags are made with up to 10 percent recycled polystyrene, with often contains a mix of light and dark beads that are perfectly safe and fire resistant. Our beanbag filler provides lasting support that lets your teen lounge in comfort while reading, studying or just hanging out.

To make it easier for you and your teen to keep the beanbag looking fresh and new, we use a machine-washable slipcover over a filled insert. The beanbag insert has sealed seams to help maintain the structural integrity of the chair. To remove the slipcover, simply unzip it. To put it back on, make sure both the slipcover and insert seams are running vertically. Otherwise, the beanbag may look like it’s flattened. Once you reassemble the beanbag, add a cozy throw to the mix to complete the relaxed, comfortable vibe and give your teen a sweet spot to take a load off.

Teens who want a more substantial spot to kick back and relax may prefer our Leanback Loungers, which come in a variety of personalizable options. Our loungers are filled with 80 percent recycled materials and the covers are made of durable, soft pure cotton. The added structure above the bag provides extra support and cushioning for your teen’s back during long study sessions. Unlike our beanbags, our loungers don’t have removable covers. The sturdy construction helps keep the filling in place to keep your teen’s support at its best for as long as possible. The cover can be spot-cleaned as necessary to keep it looking fresh and new.

Fun and eco-friendly, our Eco Loungers give your teen a sweet, super cushioned spot to curl up and chat on the phone, surf the web or read a good book. Personalization is included in the price of this comfy chair, which sits approximately 28" high, just high enough to pair with a low side table. Add additional lighting nearby, such as a table or floor lamp, to give your teen enough light for whatever he chooses to do. For the ultimate personalized touch in your teen’s bedroom, we offer slipcovers that can fit over your teen’s headboard and feature bold monograms for that extra special touch.

Some tips to keep in mind before buying your teen a personalized item, include the convenience of keeping storage nearby to hold remotes, magazines and whatever else your teenager likes to have close at hand. Both the lounger and the beanbag can get a little misshapen from time to time, but our dense fill typically holds its shape well and only requires periodic fluffing. Finally, when it comes time to complete the personalization, keep in mind that choosing a thread color that contrasts with the material of the beanbag, lounger, Eco Chair or slipcover yields the most dramatic result. Choosing a color that’s similar to the background adds a subtle effect that can be difficult to see.