Speaker + Game Chairs

Speaker + Game Chairs

Treat your teen to a rocking good time with our comfy line of media chairs. Unlike our traditional lounging furniture, these comfy gems let your teen plug headphones into the output jack, link multiple chairs together for a gaming party with friends and feature a built-in speaker for an up close and personal sound experience. Our media chairs feature a control panel and an adapter, and they are compatible with most desktop computers, CD players, DVD players, MP3 players, PSPs, iPads and iPods.

To pick the perfect gaming chair for your teen, first consider the type of chair that will work best and the color that works with the rest of the decor in your teen’s room. PBteen carries several types of game chairs, including popular gaming rockers. These chairs sit directly on the floor with an L shape and a gentle arch that lets your teen rock or recline back a bit while gaming. In addition to being space efficient, one of the main advantages to using a gaming rocker is that it allows the gamer to sit close to the monitor, giving him a birds-eye view of the action.

Add a throw pillow for extra comfort and a pop of color on one of our recliner-style speaker chairs. These media chairs look similar to a traditional recliner, but with added features such as a control panel, adapter, audio input and output jacks and one or two speakers. These chairs cushion your teen and allow for easy repositioning during long, intense gaming sessions. Like gaming rockers, these media chairs are typically compatible with most desktop computers, media players and gaming systems.

Pair one of our gaming cubes with a beanbag chair for a plush spot to sit and game with the added bonus of extra storage space. Our space-efficient gaming cubes offer all the same features as our other media chairs, but with integrated storage space a smaller footprint that lets your teen comfortably game even in cramped spaces. With a 10' power cord and a system that’s compatible with most media players, gaming systems and desktop computers, our gaming cubes give your teen versatility, mobility and the power to just press play.

Before buying a gaming chair for your teen, evaluate the available space and consider the material, color and style that works best. We offer everything from sleek, simple rockers to fluffy and colorful options that bring fun into the room.