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If you are looking for extra storage and a fun way to accent your teen’s bedroom decor, bedroom vanities pull double duty by giving you a lovely work surface that can double as a desk while also offering a perfect spot for your teen to store and apply her makeup, perfume and jewelry. These furniture pieces have been used for centuries, but do not worry. They do not add a dated look to the room. Instead, they infuse it with a combination of modern charm and vintage appeal that is sure to leave your teen feeling glamorous. Add a table lamp for soft lighting and make use of the extra table space to display treasured decorative items. Before buying a teen vanity, consider the size, style and function that your teen needs from it.

For starters, measure the space in your teen’s room where you intend to place the vanity. Whenever possible, try to pick a spot in the room that gets plenty of natural light. This provides ideal lighting for your teen while she gets ready to go out for the day. Be sure there is enough room for the vanity, the mirror and a stool without overcrowding the rest of the room.

The style of the vanity is one of the more important factors to consider when choosing a vanity. Most vanities feature a timeless and classic look, whether they sport intricate molding or sleek, modern lines. Our line of vanities let your teen express her individual style and create a focal point in her room, with the varied designs and finishes. From our exclusive PBteen white finish to colors and a mirrored finish, we carry many different options in vanities and vanity stools. Decorative accessories complement the top of the vanity, while extra storage such as bins, makeup cases and jewelry boxes help her stay organized.

When it comes to function, your teen needs to consider how she wants to use the vanity. Is it just for applying makeup, or does she want storage space? Sleek, simple vanities give the room an uncluttered, modern look and often offer ample storage space for light to moderate use. Most of our vanities feature multiple drawers so your teen can stash her makeup, jewelry and other treasured items in a neat, orderly fashion. The expansive tabletops work well for displaying perfumes, makeup brushes and other knickknacks. For a teen who wants to keep as much nearby as possible, you could consider purchasing one of our jewelry armoires to stack on top of the vanity, freeing up valuable drawer space for other essentials.

Look for a vanity that comes with a coordinating mirror. This gives the vanity table the most cohesive design and makes the maximum visual impact in your teen’s bedroom. Some of the most popular vanity mirrors include swiveling mirrors that allow your teen to adjust the angle of the mirror easily to get the best view of what she is doing. Three-sided mirrors also give your teen excellent viewing from various angles, which provide optimal viewing of her hair and makeup from every angle. Alternatively, if the teen vanity you choose does not come with a mirror, you can always arrange it against a wall where you hang a mirror to get the same effect.

Although some of our vanities might work with a traditional desk chair, our vanity stools offer a perfectly sized and very cute alternative. From sleek swivel and stationary chairs to fanciful poufs and colorful, glamorous stools, our vanity stools make the perfect complement to each of our vanities.