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As a teenage girl, you have one zone: your bedroom. You may want to paint your entire room pink or purple to identify with your favorite celebrity or pop star. Pairing those newly painted walls with various blankets, sheet sets, and pillows to best express yourself will pull together the look of your room. Here are some fun bedding ideas to flow with your current mood.




It all starts with the bedspread. It's the foundation of any room and will serve as a go-to for what accessories work and what you'll want to leave behind. Everything should match or flow with the bedspread. The worst thing you could do is have a piece of furniture that clashes, so choose wisely.


Do you prefer a duvet, a classic bedspread, or a quilt? If you hate making your bed, go with a duvet. It eliminates that extra step of tucking in a sheet, saving you time to chat with your girlfriends or get that dreaded homework done. Every little bit helps - right? Quilts, a seemingly more traditional choice, can be very trendy and amp up your style.


A bed-in-a-bag is a fun way to start accessorizing, as it comes with fun decorative pillows. You can bring other pieces into your design with various textures and prints that aren't an exact match, but bring out elements of the bedspread's design.




Four-piece and five-piece sheet sets should compliment the bedspread, but if it's feeling drab, have fun with it by trying a loud color. Don't sacrifice a good fit and soft fabric, but remember you can have fun with the sheets too.


Even though you may fall in love with a set of sheets that are a full size, if you bed is a twin, don't even think about it. A teen room is known to be messy, but your bed doesn't have to be that way. You want a nice, clean fit - keep that in mind when picking out your next sheet set.


Pillows and Throws


Here's where you can get creative with every single piece. For teens with a standard bedspread, add a pop of color or design like a butterfly shaped pillow. Use bold prints and stitching as a cover, or a designer throw over an unimpressive bedspread.


Consider your personality. Are you a mainstream trendsetter, a fashionista, a bit gothic, skater, or just like simplicity? Once given the freedom to design your space, start to celebrate your style and yourself. It's every girl's dream to paint themselves into their space. An excellent bed set will make the difference in your mood as you go through.