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Decorative Pillows

Decorative Pillows


Teen girls must have a special pillow gene, because, like shoes and tiny boxes, we can't seem to have enough. If you're decorating your bedroom or college dorm, here are some tips and tricks to narrow down your choices when purchasing your next pillow and matching throw.


A Pillow For a Dull Room


If your dorm room feels dull, a colorful pillow, decorative pillow or throw are a great start to liven things up. If your current bedding is a solid, dark color like brown, find accent pillows that are bright, like pink or green, that have a tiny brown accent - that's an easy way to tie everything together. A matching throw over the bed, also in a bright pink, will quickly bring more life and color to her bed.


It's also fun to use the bedskirt as a border. Be bold. Try polka dot or a floral print. Don't neglect your standard pillow covers either. Those can be swapped out with a different pillow cover, perhaps with matching florals. An accent pillow doesn't typically provide much cushion, so make sure you find a pillow cover design you like for your practical pillow.


A Pillow For a "Busy" Room


If your room is busy and you want to tone it down a bit, there are various ways to do this with a pillow or throw. A decorative pillow and throw are a great start, but also consider a new duvet cover that's reversible with a matching pillow. Strong bedding can be the source of inspiration when decorating, so you want to start with a bedspread and matching pillow you like. Duvet covers with a polyester/polyfill are great if you're off to college and will launder things yourself. The cover is removable and usually, machine washable.


Pillow Textures


Play with textures on your accent pillow, pillow cover and throw. A sequin pillow with a zipper, monogram, glitter, trendy fabrics, embroidery, beading, confetti patches, creative stitch, patterned pillows and a faux fur or chenille throw can allow you to express yourself in a fun and creative way.


Pillow Size


Don't forget to try different sizes of a pillow or throw to shake things up. A plush accent pillow shaped like a heart or flower stands out no matter what color or design the pillow is. A pretty euro pillow, oblong pillow or lumbar pillows make a great gift in addition to another accent pillow and throw.


Different size pillows are a fun way for girls to have it all. When you start your pillow collection, the more unique and diverse the pieces are, the better. Use a matching pillow cover for that extra pop. You can't go wrong with an eclectic pillow and throw collection.