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Organic Bedding


Many items are going organic these days, from the food you eat to the clothes you wear. That doesn't stop at bedding. After all, we spend a good portion of our lives laying on these fabrics. If you've been looking for a new bedding set and have wondered about going organic, you're certainly not alone. Here are some reasons to consider organic bedding, and the options they present.


What is organic?


Organic bedding is most simply understood as natural, eco-friendly bedding. It doesn't contain added chemicals or dyes. Look for the label titled, "Certified Organic." A recent scientific study found that people sleep better on organic fabrics as a whole. What do you think?


What can you buy organic?


Simply put: everything. If you decide to go organic, stay consistent with your collection by getting organic sheets, a duvet or blankets, pillow, sheet, and a mattress. This way you're not contaminating your bed space with one foreign item, like a chemical ridden pillow.




Organic cotton is a popular choice for your sheet set. There is also Egyptian cotton, jersey, wool, linen, bamboo and latex - all available in pure organic sheets, duvet, and blankets. When you know all of your options, you can then feel each fabric to see what you prefer. Also consider the climate you'll be sleeping in.




Once you have your options narrowed down with a pure organic duvet or bedspread, have fun with colors. An organic dye is used, so you don't have to sacrifice style and color with quality. Patterns like jacquard, a bold stripe or dot design, and fading watercolor is a popular choice. Find bedding that speaks to you. Your sheets can be that bold pop of color your bed needs if you like to stay on the conservative side with your organic cotton bedding cover.




What is the weather like where you live? Do you stay in a seasonal location, or are you in a place that's dominantly cool or warm? Find organic cotton that breathes with fibers that will support your body temperature. Discover what you gravitate towards when it comes to sheets. Do you like to stay cool and cozy with a soft, natural bamboo fiber?


Care Instructions


Before you purchase any sheets, pillow cover or duvet, make sure you've read the care instructions. If you're looking for something machine washable, check the tag before you do anything else. Most organic bedding comes machine washable, but there are always exceptions, especially when you're purchasing organic cotton sheets, a comforter or pillowcase, you'll be washing those items frequently, so you want to make sure you're comfortable with the care instructions before you decide what to purchase.