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Girls' Sleeping Bags


Whether it's time for summer camp or an indoor slumber party, you're on the hunt for new sleeping bags. In addition to the many practical things to consider, now girls have more options to choose their style and color than ever before. Decide what kind of camping you enjoy and think back to the last few times you went. What kind of sleeping bag did you use? What did you like about it or not like about it? This should help narrow things down so you don't feel so overwhelmed. Here are some tips and tricks to help you pick the perfect sleeping bag for your needs.




In addition to looking for a sleeping bag that you think is cute, you'll want to know your size. Always leave room to grow and make sure you go for something in your age group so the size is just right.




This might seem odd, but now there are more shapes and sizes than ever before. Some shaped like mermaids or animals with hoodies. Some resemble pajamas or a great big onesie; the list goes on and on. If this is a fun, indoor camping trip, get something cool and stylish that will impress your friends. If you're embarking on an intense outdoor adventure, you'll more than likely not want to rough it in a sleeping bag shaped like a banana.




This mainly depends on the weather. Again, if you're going to a slumber party, the sleeping bags are just for decoration and comfort. In this case, you can try something with a wild color and fabric, like faux fur, to contrast the slick exterior. If you're a true blue camper, you'll want something with insulation to keep warm on those cold nights. Most sleeping bags are weather proof on the outside, and if possible, find one that's light for packing - especially if you're hiking to the campsite and will have to carry your sleeping bag. Consider extra padding for the bumpy ground if you're able to drive to your location. Every little bit helps when you're in the wilderness, and it's always better to be safe than sorry.




Most sleeping bags are machine washable, but you always want to check. Your sleeping bag will get dirty quick, if it's outdoor camping, and you'll want to make sure you can pop it in the washing machine and leave it out to air dry. Always be aware of the zippers attached, in fact, it's a good idea to wash the sleeping bag by itself to avoid anything getting caught in it.