Duvet Covers + Cases

Duvet Covers + Cases


Duvet covers are a great alternative to standard bedspreads. They're versatile, lightweight, and come in all sizes. Once you find the perfect fill, you can really go wild with the endless options available. As a teen, your style will probably change with the seasons and a duvet will keep you out of that dreaded style box. If you're looking to spruce up a room or dorm, here are some creative ways you can and should use a duvet cover to get the ball rolling.




First of all, know your bed size before you guess what duvet to buy. It might sound trivial, but it's a common mistake to fall in love with a duvet cover, only to learn that it's too big or too small for your mattress. You've probably learned this lesson with shoes. If it doesn't fit, it's time to move on. Is your mattress a twin, full, full/queen or a queen size? You want to find the exact fit for any bedspread, but it's extra important with a duvet cover. You'll not only purchase the duvet cover, but the fill that goes inside it, and you want to be spot on. Purchasing a full size duvet cover with a twin insert will look sloppy, taking the focus off your awesome new duvet cover.




What bedding does your room's decor need? If your goal is to bring a dull room to life, have a ball with various pieces. Look at your favorite accessory and build upon that. If you love a pink polka dot and stripe pillow, double those colors and run with it. Throw a faux fur blanket on top of your duvet, replace standard shams with a brushstroke or jacquard design or replace your pillow sham with a plush, egyptian cotton blend.


In addition to the duvet cover bedding, you can also use blankets, accent pillows and throws with fun designs to balance out a solid duvet piece. And you can have fun with the bedskirt. It's a nice trim for your duvet, and you can make it busy because it's just an accent piece. Try a floral print or something with pleats to balance out a plain looking duvet cover.


If you're toning down a busy bedroom, focus on a basic bedspread with textured detail, like an embroidered duvet or a stripe duvet to tone down her coral curtains.




Since your duvet cover is a large sheet with extra fill, you'll want something soft to the touch. Choose a good quality, high thread count, like cotton percale sheets. A 300-thread or 400-thread-count organic duvet is heaven, and a nice treat at the end of a long school day.