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Girls' Quilts


Quilts are a great gift for anyone of all ages and the perfect keepsake for girls. If you're a girl looking to decorate your room, consider starting with a quilt in your favorite colors. It will open the door for all kinds of creative decorating ideas, and the patchwork with various pieces of fabric will more than likely match what you currently have.


Quilt Size


Know the size of your bed. It might sound obvious, but it's easy to find something you love, only to learn later that it's not the right size. Do you have a twin, full, full/queen, queen or king size bed? Get that knowledge out of the way and you'll be able to move forward with the fun stuff.


Also, try and resist the temptation to buy a quilt that's a size off. If you're in love with something, either get it resized or move on. The last thing you want to do is take the focus off your new quilt because it's too big or too small for your bed.


Quilt Designs


Do you have a favorite color you'd like to incorporate in your quilt? Your bedspread and pillow sham should match that. Do you love your butterfly pillow or an antique doll? Find a quilt that matches that same color scheme so you can throw it on top of the quilt, showcasing your favorite items.


Think outside of the box and try a contrasting design with what is on the quilt. For example, if you love polka dots, you could take a traditional quilt and instead of using a boring gray, find polka dot, microfiber sheets with matching pillow cases. Bedding should reflect your personality. Choose your favorite designs; you can always redecorate with different accessories.




Just like any other bedding, you can find a bed-in-a-bag for a quilt, usually in a 5-piece set. Organic cotton is always a good choice for quilting and keep in mind you can pair it with sateen sheets. It's a nice contrast in fabric, and if you get hot in the summertime, those sheets will keep you cooler than a lot of other options.




Always check the tag to see what kind of care the fabric of your quilt will need. Regardless of what you're comfortable with, you want your purchase to be a conscious choice, and not be disappointed later when you start to wash it and learn that you're not able to use your dorm's washing machine. Most quilts are machine washable and pre-washed, so the contrasting fabrics don't bleed. To be on the safe side, check before you buy.