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Girls' Sheet Sets


A teen girl has enough to worry about, finding the right sheet set shouldn't be an issue. If it's time to buy new sheets and you're feeling a bit paralyzed by all the options, not to worry. There are many things to consider before you purchase, and some of those considerations might not be so obvious. Before you choose just any old sheet set, here are some quick tips to help you find the perfect set of sheets for your lifestyle. Then you can get back to more important things, like being a teen.




Finding out your mattress size is the easiest thing to do, but a very common mistake. People are often left guessing, which usually results in purchasing the wrong size bed sheet. Just being a little off can be a real drag. Do you have a twin, full, queen, king or california king size mattress? Once you know this, you may go forth and prosper.




Girls are very touchy-feely when it comes to fabrics, and bed sheets are the ultimate comfort. You want something durable and of quality, but also soft and flat. The absolute best way to find this out is to touch the fabric. When you narrow down what you like, research the care instructions to make sure they're easy to launder. Consider the following fabrics to get you started:


Polyester is machine washable, easy on wrinkles, and a nice standard for sheets.


Egyptian cotton is an incredibly soft, luxurious fabric.


Microfiber is lightweight and breathable.


Sateen gives a silky feel and will keep you cool during the summer.


Jersey feels like a t-shirt, is soft and easy to launder.


Flannel is thick, durable and will keep you warm and insulated.




This is the fun part. Is your bedspread a solid or print? Are you trying to tone down your bedding or liven it up a bit? If you're looking to brighten things up, sheets and a pillowcase are a great way to do that. Find bright colors or patterns, like a stripe, for that pop of color when you fold back the top sheet. You can always include a cool throw pillow and bedskirt with a cool print. Be bold with your sheets, you can change or hide them anytime you feel like it's too much.


If you're trying to tone down a loud bedspread, stick with a solid color. If the pillowcases also have loud designs, purchase new shams with matching solid colors to drown out the print. Include pillow accessories and a nice throw to blend into the bedding. They're a great piece to have in general and can serve a real purpose when trying to bring out or hide certain colors in your bedspread.