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Girls Personalized Bedding


If you're due for new bedding and looking to do something special, give yourself the gift of personalization. Let your unique personality inspire each stitch, accent, and detail, so you can feel like the special person you are. There are dozens of ways to add personalization to your bedding. Here are some ideas to help you find the custom bedding you deserve.


1) Pillows are a great start. Order a special pillow or a pillow cover with a monogram initial. Or think outside the box and have a custom made message from a loved one on a pillow sham or accent pillow in your favorite color. Solid white or yellow is a great base color and enhances the stitching design. Royal stitching in gold is a gorgeous, bold contrast. Enjoy monogramed pillows for years to come by using them for decoration only. Have another set of pillows you actually sleep with close by. This way you can enjoy the sentiment of the personalized pillow, but not have to worry about how you sleep on them.


2) Apply the same advice for pillows with a throw. Put your initials in the corner with a personalized design - also a great idea for baby blankets. A pillow and throw is a staple for keepsakes, so consider choosing something with timeless luxury.


3) A quilt is an excellent comforter for your covers and can be extremely personal. With handmade woven patches in your favorite colors and designs, you'll feel like it was made special for you. Add a pillow or two that match your color scheme to tie it all together.


4) A duvet is another great bedding option, especially if it's reversible. One side can be a solid gray, with the other side having more personality. You have a lot of choices here, from the duvet cover design, to matching pillows, to the fill that goes inside the duvets. With the right amount of fill, you can customize the exact level of cushion you like.


5) In addition to colors, you'll want things to be soft to the touch. Play around with textures on your bedding set, pillow and throw. For example, do you want something warm and fuzzy like fleece in the winter time? Or do you enjoy more luxurious fabrics like Egyptian cotton or a cotton percale?


6) Each bedding piece doesn't have to match. If you fall in love with a decorative pillow, find ways of incorporating it into the bedding. A pillow with a matching sheet set can tie things together quickly. Interchange a pillowcase and sheet set with your reversible duvet. Keep the staples, like monogram pillowcases, as constants and let the rest of your bedding evolve.