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Your dorm room is like your home away from home, and you want it to be as comfortable as it possibly can be. At PBteen, we understand how important comfort is when you are striving for good grades, and our collection of dorm decor items provide the comfort you need and the look you want. Whether you are looking for comfortable bedding, bath linens, storage pieces that fit in a small space, decorative touches, furnishings or pieces to set up your first apartment off-campus, our selection of pieces for college-bound students helps you create a comfortable place to study and unwind.


Start decorating your dorm with the items that have the greatest impact on your comfort, your bedding and bath linens. Choose individual bedding pieces, like girl’s or guy’s sheet sets and comforters, if you enjoy the flexibility of creating a bohemian mix and match look, or pick up one of our value sets to start with a matched set of bedding.

Sleep, Shower + Laundry

To get all the bath linens you need starting out, try one of our shower value sets. Or, mix and match towels, washcloths, bat mats, robes and slippers to suit all the different tastes you have. Pick up tote bags and a handy laundry bag as well for keeping you gear organized and easily to carry where it needs to go.

Storage, Study + Decor

Dorm rooms are understandably pretty small, and staying organized in cramped quarters can be a real challenge, but out storage collection can help you out. Our storage and organization pieces help you keep a small space organized so you can find your things when you need them. Confirm the dimensions and layout of your dorm and then choose organization pieces you can fit into your available space. Add underbed storage to make extra room for clothes and study supplies. Add hanging organizers to your closet to hold shoes and jewelry, and pick up some countertop organizers to store your makeup, hair care supplies, shaving needs and skin care lotions.

Lounge + First Apartment

In addition to a comfortable sleeping area, you also need a comfortable lounge area for studying and hanging out with friends. Check the terms of your dorm or apartment lease to determine if you need to get furniture for the common area, or if it is provided, also check with your suite-mates to see if they are bringing large pieces so you do not end up with more furniture than you have space. Then, based on what you need, choose from our offerings of plush rugs, tables, sturdy trunks, seating, window coverings, electronics for studying, fridges and kitchen supplies to get the pieces you need.