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Collegiate Shop

Collegiate Shop

Showing school spirit, and picking up a few items affiliated with your school sports team, is a way to enhance your college experience. At PBteen, our Collegiate Shop offers items emblazoned with school names, team names and team mascots. Add a patchwork blanket, needlepoint pillow or pillowcase to your dorm decor to support your team. Or, hang your keys on a campus keychain to show your team spirit everywhere you go. Our selection of collegiate items includes numerous schools, so browse through to find yours. To create a team themed room, mix and match one or more of our team items with solid colored pieces in your school colors.

Our college themed patchwork blankets are made from a soft and cozy polyester and cotton blend with a sublimated front side made from polyester and spandex to keep you warm and comfortable at a game or curled up at home on the sofa. In addition to providing you with plenty of warmth and looking great, these team blankets are easy to maintain. Just toss the blanket in the washer with similarly colored bedding items and your favorite detergent. Then, wash using the gentle cycle and cold water, put the blanket in the dryer on low heat, and if it happens to wrinkle, you can iron it with a warm, but not too hot, iron if you like.

Toss a school spirit throw pillow on your desk chair, beanbag lounger or bed to add accents to your decor. Your school logo is embroidered onto the pillow by hand, and you can unzip the cover and flip it inside out to enjoy the reversible velvet side. This 12-inch square pillow is the perfect size for using when studying, relaxing in front of the TV or chatting with friends. The cover is made from 100 percent cotton, and the included pillow insert is filled with feather down. This pillow is easy to care for; if it gets wet, you just blot it dry. If soiled, use a damp white cloth or towel and non-chlorinated detergent to spot clean the pillow.

Slide your favorite pillow insert into one of our collegiate pillowcases and have sweet dreams about your favorite team, or just enjoy showing off your team spirit. These white pillow cases are made from 100 percent cotton and you can choose your own team personalization. The cases are 20 inches wide by 30 inches long, so you can fit a full-sized bed pillow in one, and they are easy to keep clean. These cotton pillowcases are machine washable in warm water, just be sure to use the gentle cycle. If you use bleach, make sure to choose the non-chlorinated kind so your team logo stays bright. Then, tumble your clean case dry on the low setting.

Your keys are such an important part of your life at college. If you drive, you need your car keys, you need your dorm room key, and if you play sports for your college or use the fitness center on campus, you probably also have a locker key. When you put your keys on one of our campus keychains, you show your connection to your school with team colors and the logo, plus you can have your initials monogrammed onto the fob for a personal touch. These key chains are a hefty five inches long to make them easy to find in your pocket or bag. Sturdy polyester and leather construction ensures the key ring is strong enough to safely hold your keys.

You don’t have to use your team gear only on campus and in your dorm. If you are headed out to a big game that is off-campus, consider packing your team throw blanket in the car or bus. Wrapping up in your team throw is a great way to keep warm at the game. Or, if you are going to have a sleepover with friends, choose a sleeping bag, robe and slippers that coordinate with your team pillows for a colorful touch of school spirit.