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Storage Essentials

Storage Essentials

Dorm spaces are known for being quite tight, which is why you’ll want to make the most of the space by utilizing a few storage essentials. The first place to start is the bed. If your dorm room comes unfurnished or you end up renting an apartment just off campus, you’ll need a storage bed. Underneath of the bed are two drawers and two cubbies on either side, which are great for everything from socks to important college textbooks. There’s an optional bookcase tower instead of a headboard that supplies even more cabinets and shelves to keep your belongings neat and organized.

Or you can pick up a pair of bedside tables instead. Available in almost every shade, including clear glass, you won’t have any trouble selecting a set to match your other room decor. Some of the night tables have drawers, some have shelves and a few have a combination of both. Should you desire something a little more unique, we have a traveler’s trunk in either gold or metal. Store extra linens or winter coats in the trunks and then use the tops to display your alarm clock, cell phone or a portrait of your mom and dad.

The second place you’re most likely to spend a great deal of time is at a computer desk. PBteen has a wide collection of desks and chairs to choose from so that you are comfortable and have everything you need by your side to complete your class assignments. The Beadboard Space Saving Desk also doubles as a hutch and has all of the drawers, cabinets and shelves you need to store computer paper, extra printer ink and reference materials. The beadboard is handy for pinning essay deadlines and course schedules. Corner desks are also available if that is what you need based on the configuration of your room.

Throughout your college career, you’ll be doing a great deal of reading. Because of this, having a few bookcases and shelves is a good idea. The Stack Me Up storage sets can be arranged in different ways, which is essential if you need to work them around a television or important piece of wall art. There are small, medium and large units so you can have one in the corner where it’s out of the way, or use one that covers the entire back wall of the dorm.

Instead of shelving units, perhaps a media storage component would be better. These pieces are designed to accommodate your television and DVD player, while still giving you the shelves and cabinets you need to keep your room free of clutter. A few of the media storage units also have slots to set up your gaming systems. Invite a friend over after you’ve completed your school work for the day and relax with a few games. When your available space doesn’t allow for anything that elaborate, try one of our card tables. They come in simply white and dark espresso.

Finally, girls heading off to further their education will need a set of beauty organizers. The beauty vanities and beauty boxes open up so you have a place for your jewelry, nail files and lip balms, while the hair accessories organizer is what you want if you plan on bringing a hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron with you. A standard rolling storage cart comes with either three or five drawers and can easily be transported between the bedroom and bathroom. There’s also a beauty mirror and shelving unit that will give you a place to apply your makeup and check your look before heading out and making your way to your first class on campus.