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Decor Essentials

Decor Essentials

Bling out your dorm room walls with fanciful and sporty wall decor. At PBteen, we understand that nails and permanent fixtures aren’t really an option when you're renting or living in a dorm; that’s why we’ve created a whole line of decorative products that you can place, move, remove and adjust nail-free. Most items secure with just a bit of adhesive tape, so they won’t lift paint or leave holes behind once you return home. From pinboards to placards that motivate you and keep you focused, we have everything you need to make your home-away-from-home feel like it's yours.

Organize pens, paper, tape and study accessories in a paper wall hanger. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, including classy solid black or feminine florals, these lightweight organizers attach to any flat, smooth surface with double-sided tape, staying securely in place even when weighed down by multiple items. Don’t have any wall space? That’s okay; paper organizers work just as well leaning against a shelf, cupboard or windowsill, too. Find what you need in a cinch by designating the item a dedicated sleeve, pocket or slot within your organizer for best results.

Hello, beautiful! Here’s to looking and feeling your best each and every day. Need to finish your makeup, shave or just practice a speech, but can’t attach a mirror to your wall? Hang our square paper-framed mirrors above your sink or vanity and catch a glimpse of what makes you so special each time you pass by. No-slip textured frames make these portable mirrors easy to use from anywhere, even in bed, so there’s no need to worry about sliding or dropping it when you’re perfecting the art of eyeliner. Choose from shimmery metallic frames or basic solid-color high-contrast colors instead.

Keep track of classes, appointments and meetings on your very own dry-erase board or calendar. Jot down your most important tasks, motivational messages, telephone numbers and email addresses with a dry-erase marker; once you no longer need the information, simply wipe it away with a cloth and start again. Each of our calendars comes in a default grid so you can modify it to suit any month throughout any year as needed, making it reusable and reliable as you advance through school.

Attending a sorority or fraternity? We also have Greek letter boards that let you show your dedication and pride to your house from within. Just want to show your school spirit or your love for a sports team? We make that possible, too, with dry-erase calendars covered in your favorite team’s logo and colors. Whether you prefer the MLB or NFL, you’ll find over 20 logo options in our online store.

Decals, details and decorations – when it’s time to make your room match your personality, these non-permanent decor items will let you mix and match to your heart’s content. Scrollwork and team logo decals make an excellent mock headboard when placed above the head of your bed. Apply Greek letters to any smooth surface, whether glass, wall or mirror, and highlight your house with love. Hang pictures, mementos and awards on tack and pinboards that attach to your wall nail-free. All of these options make decorating your dorm easier, but we take things one step further by providing you with the tools needed to customize these items even further. Use our Design Your Own Style Tile tool to mix and match your favorite patterns, textures and styles together, creating something that’s entirely your own. Once you finish making your new work of art, apply the pattern to dry-erase boards, calendars, caddies, cubes and even custom chalkboards. Tiles simply snap into place on the provided grid, making it quick and easy to come up with imaginative layouts in seconds.