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Shared Spaces

Moving in with roommates? Having people to live with while you’re away at school is an excellent way to save money, curb loneliness and keep yourself supported and occupied all throughout the school year. Whether you’re moving into a dorm or an apartment, managing shared spaces with more than one person takes respect, responsibility and above all else, a willingness to compromise. This is especially true when it comes to decor items and storage areas, as personalities and styles might not always match up. At PBteen, we’ve developed a collection of items to help make your life with your new roommates easier. From organizing dry food items to decorative Greek letters, you’ll find it all right here.

Finding a roommate isn’t just about saving money; having a friend around to hang out with and share in life experiences is pretty amazing, too. Cultivate conversation and encourage fun movie nights by stocking your living room or lounge with ultra-comfy chairs, a roomy sofa and enough pillows to host a sleepover with all of your best buds. Our Baldwin Cushy Lounge collection makes the perfect addition. Modular pieces allow you to mix, match and rearrange your sofa and chairs as often as possible, creating cozy study spaces or conversation corners in seconds. Soft, plush foam on a sturdy iron frame makes these advanced furnishings lightweight enough to push around with ease. A robust elastic webbing interior ensures that they’ll hold up under pressure, even during rambunctious parties and celebrations.

Brighten up your bathroom with cheerful and feminine Bohemian Paisley towels, linens and organizers. Available in many different colors, each maintains the same paisley-dotted pattern, letting you mix and match shades like dark blue, soft blue-grey, pink and green. Or, purchase all the same color, and create a bathroom that looks professionally decorated instead. Soft cotton and terrycloth towels let you dry off and stay warm between the shower and bathroom, while travel pouches keep your toiletries and beauty tools separate from your roommates’.

One of the most important ways to manage shared spaces is through better organization, and we have a variety of products well-suited to that cause. Start with wall or door-hanging closet organizers; these provide the perfect way to store everything from shoes to jewelry. But closet organizers aren’t just suitable for bedrooms; they make an excellent addition to a kitchen pantry, too. Fill up the sleeves with everything from snacks to spices, and keep your favorite goodies neatly in place and easily accessible. Alternatively, try hanging one on the bathroom door and filling it with small travel soaps, packs of bath salts and other self-care products. Take turns filling the self-care station with delightful and soothing bath products everyone can enjoy.

Need more shelving in your closet? Skip the heavy furnishing and try a hanging closet storage system instead. These fold up into just a small square when not in use, making it easy to tote them back and forth between home and your new apartment or dorm at the start and end of the year. To use them, attach the top handle to a wire or plastic hanger and notch it over the bar inside your closet. The bottom will expand to expose a number of shelves, each with a rigid base inside, letting you stash items like magazines, textbooks and shoes vertically. Try placing three or more of these side-by-side and enjoy the extensive amount of vertical storage space it instantly opens up.

Sort laundry and keep your clothes separated with easy-to-carry laundry hampers. Handles on the side let you tote around even the heaviest loads without placing stress on your back. Have each roommate purchase a tote in a different color, and you’ll always find it easy to know exactly whose clothes are in which hamper.

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