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Going to college doesn’t have to be daunting. When it comes to that first year of living in dorms, having a few home comforts goes a long way. With bundled dorm sets, staying organized and creating an environment that feels like home is easier. Fortunately, investing in a set doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to comfort and style. With the value sets available at PBteen, both are available in abundance, making it easier for students to create their dream environment. For those who want to place their stamp on their room, decor essentials also come in useful. With exciting patterns and designs to suit all tastes, it’s hard not to find items that are appealing.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential when you’re studying, which is why comforter sets come in handy. Featuring sheets, comforters and shams, these sets have everything that’s needed to turn a dorm bed into a cozy sleeping environment. To make resting even easier, other sleep essentials are available. With a few pillows and throws, it’s possible to stay warm, even on the coldest of nights.

Girls who are venturing away from home to enter the world of academic for the first time may want to consider travel beauty sets. With pouches of varying sizes, designed to carry a litany of makeup and skincare essentials, these sets are great for keeping everything organized. As well as proving useful for those who want to keep their makeup safe in their dorm, they’re great for packing in preparation for trips back home. Girls who love to pay attention to good makeup brush hygiene can slot them into a separate pouch, keeping them clean for future use. To add an extra feminine element to any room, a no nails decor range is available. With a litany of murals and wall pieces that don’t require a hammer, these items are excellent for those seeking easy decorative solutions.

Hygiene is at the forefront of every student’s mind, especially when they’re rushing between classes and throwing themselves into sports. With a student shower set, grabbing everything you need and rushing for a quick scrub is easy. Featuring resilient quick-drying caddies, towels and spaces for storing those shower essentials, these sets are hassle-free. Thanks to the neat pockets, there’s less risk of forgetting your shower gel when you go to freshen up after visiting the gym. Thanks to the other shower essentials available, staying comfortable is easy as well. From personalized robes to plush towels, each item goes a long way towards making showers super refreshing.

Streamlining your bath and beauty time is made easy with a bath and beauty set. Featuring enough pockets to store an abundance of products and all the towels needed to swaddle yourself once you’re done showering, these sets make taking a dip feel even more relaxing. For those who like to visit their friends for the evening, they make staying organized simple. As personalized options are available, there’s no mistaking which set is yours. It’s possible to up the organization levels with some key storage essentials. With items such as underbed bins, everything from books to brushes will have its place.

Growing accustomed to shared shower facilities might take a little effort, but with shower and laundry sets, the process becomes a little easier. Thanks to the large caddy, making sure everything fits into one space doesn’t have to be difficult. With neat pockets for smaller items, you don’t have to worry about anything getting lost. Keep up the organization with a closet storage set, which can help you maximize storage space. Whether it’s an impressive collection of shoes or sneakers or a bin for sweaters that are accumulated throughout the year, these sets are excellent for ensuring nothing gets lost.