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Lounge Dorm Furniture

When you’re not busy studying for an exam, you’ll want a comfortable place to relax with friends. Your lounge area is easy to outfit with the help of PBteen, as we have a large selection of dorm furniture to choose from. Begin your search by browsing our collection of dorm chairs. Choose a full sofa or loveseat set if space is not an issue, or go for club chairs when the room is on the smaller side. The swivel chairs are extremely popular and stylish, while the lounge chairs with ottomans give you a place to kick up your feet. Either one is a great addition to your lounge space.

Once you have your seating all picked out, you can move on to our tables and trunks. We have reclaimed wood coffee tables with a bottom shelf for storing books and magazines, as well as lounge tables that open up from the top so that you can keep extra blankets and throw pillows neatly tucked away until you want to use them. If you’re searching for something a little more simple, try the acrylic nesting tables.

There are a few other furniture pieces you can use to make the most of the space in your lounge area. Our book cases and shelves come in a variety of sizes. There are large units with a spot for hooking up a television and DVD player, and smaller units that can accommodate books, movies and family pictures. Our colorful bins and baskets are excellent for placing on the shelves to hold additional items that you may need when getting together with friends. For example, you may want one bin to hold a few board games and a second bin for playing cards, dice and poker chips.

Add style and color to your lounge with a rug and some curtains. Decorative rugs with white borders are classic and well defined, while the patterned shag rugs give a more artistic look to the room. If you’re looking for a piece that appeals to the senses, go with the fuzzy plush rug that comes in one of six colors or the soft zebra rug. Moving on to the curtains, you’ll find blackout drapes for keeping the sun at bay first thing in the morning and sheer curtains that allow the most light possible in each day. We also have a line of shades if you prefer them over the curtains.

What lounge space would be complete without electronics? Amplify your music with a set of polka dot Bluetooth speakers, or get the gang up and belting out their favorite tunes with a Bluetooth karaoke machine. If your roommates are busy working on an important assignment, you can still enjoy your music quietly with one of our headphone sets. The girls will love the fur headphones, while the guys appreciate the camo set. We also have a selection of cases for your cell phones and tablets that will protect them when they are accidentally dropped.

A few kitchen items will complete your lounge space, giving you the most desired place to entertain friends or just hang out with your roommates. Add a fridge, which is a great asset to any lounge. This retro cooler will fit on an end table and is able to hold a few drinks or snacks, like yogurt or a cup of fresh fruit. If you don’t want to display the fridge on your end table, you can pick up the fridge cart, which also comes with two drawers that hold everything from cups to protein bars to a bag of potato chips.